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Today, I’m relishing the fact that the college education workshop was a success. The presenters were wonderful and all of the participants got some really good information. You know how people say something is driving them to drink? Well, the education workshop drove me to run, amongst other pressures in life. OK, so it can’t really be called running when your best time is 17 mins, but I was out there, wasn’t I? Well, not today.

You see, instead of having clear skies and lovely temperatures, today it was cold and rainy–very rainy. It would have been easy for me to just come home and sit down, as usual. Only, I had set my mind that I was going to exercise. Rather than changing my mind about exercising, I changed my plans of where I would exercise and what exercise I would be doing.

The treadmill didn’t work out today, but other things did. I cross-trained on the bike, doing fifteen minutes of the fat burning program before going to yoga. Even though I had a bad experience with foot pain on the treadmill while trying walk/run intervals, and felt out of shape and bad after a disappointing encounter with the Life Center measurements, I still continued on and had a good workout.

I’ve been reading a lot about running–from the proper shoes, to the proper stride, form, footfalls, and turnover. I know what to do (and what not to do) with my arms. At the moment, my goal is to not be an over strider, to be a mid-foot striker, to develop better form, to strengthen my ankles and feet, and to build up endurance.

Yoga has helped me a lot. It used to be that I didn’t have the breathing technique and couldn’t breathe thirty seconds in. Now I find myself being able to breath and work through it. My legs aren’t becoming fatigued early, nor are my shins or thighs hurting. The problem now is getting my feet and ankles used to it.

I was reading an article today about working out where they mentioned the benefits of plyometric workouts to running technique, injury prevention, and developing the appropriate muscle responses to running. It made me think about dusting off Insanity and trying to get through the plyometric workout on that program. I’ve only ever made it through maybe twenty minutes. In fact, I’ve only ever made it through the fit test (and that was only once). However, I’m more committed to being healthy now. I want this to be my new normal–regular exercise, learning to love the burn, and getting to the  point where I won’t feel like the out of shape girl at the gym.

What’s going to be your new normal?