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Beverly Hills

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 Today is one of those Wednesdays where I have little to no idea what’s going on for half the morning. Ever since I gave up caffeine, whenever I burn the aften 11:00 midnight oil, I sometimes have cotton for brains for half a morning. While I get my head together, I figured I would share some of my random thoughts with you from my stupor:

  •   Why does my iPod always pull up the sing along songs when I’m at work and can’t sing along? I think this is a form of torture in some foreign universe.
  • I’ve got some serious DOMS in my thighs today. They started yesterday, from my workout Monday. I’m going to workout tonight anyway. After looking up every thigh pain and injury I could find on the internet, I’m sure nothing is strained or pulled; my muscles are just lazy.
  • I want a bike. I did the bike on Monday, and I loved it. The only thing missing was the wind in my hair and actually, you know, moving somewhere. The only thing is, I’m going to have to get a bigger seat–guaranteed. (She got a donkey, indeed)
  • Speaking of my hind quarters, apparently they’ve taken John Legend’s advice and got lifted. Hello, backs of my thighs! That what you look like. Haven’t seen you in forevs!
  • Caught up on Teen Mom 2 last night, but didn’t stay up for the finale. If I had to be one of their babies, I’d be Kailyn’s–easily. Maybe Leah’s, but I don’t want to end up having medical problems. Chelsea’s cool, but her baby’s father–no thank you, sir. Janelle’s…well, if you’ve seen the show, you know.
  • Also watched Beverly Hills Fabulous show with Elgin Charles. I so want his hair; it’s wonderful. Made me want to go out and get a protein treatment–stat! Is he gay? I can’t tell. I want to get my hair done there though.
  • I have a new confessional post that I’m working on. You may think it’s a joke, but it’s serious business.
  • I owe you so many posts! I’m almost caught up on real life, and I’ll be caught up here before you know it!
  • This wedding book I’m reading is so depressing (I’ll tell you why in my review post and post mortem later this week). If you like the fairy tales of Platinum Weddings and Say Yest to the Dress, you might want to hold off on reading One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding by Rebecca Mead. PS: All of this is easy for her to say, she was already married. Married people are always raiing on my parade.
  • Why are all of these running mags/blogs pushing the peanut butter on me. I don’t really like peanut butter. No, I can’t eat chocolate, but that doesn’t mean I like peanut butter anywhere but in my cookies.
  • I could use a graham cracker right now. I’d even take one with a littlebit of peanut butter. Why do I love graham crackers so much? Is it because it creates a warm fuzzy made of an alphabet carpet and baking faux pizza before naptime in pre-school? Is it because of its supposed powers to help maintain abstinence? Is it because I like flour, honey, cinnamon, and other goodies? The world may never know.
  • I wonder what kind of bride I would be. I know I won’t be crazy (can’t go scaring off a good quarry), but will I be starry eyed and optimistic, weepy, the owner of cold feet, obsessive about losing weight, or scatterbrained and forgetful? It doesn’t really matter at this point, but I find trying to figure this out more fun than thinking up my dress, dream venue, wedding cake design, or honeymoon destination.
  • Although, the thing I have considered about my future wedding the most? The playlist! I like so many different kinds of music over such a large period of time, how can one DJ accommodate it, especially if I marry a musicphile like Mr. P? That would be a very unique and eclectic playlist that’s sure to move some feet. 🙂

I’m finally starting to wake up now. I hope you enjoyed this trip through the environs of my not quite awake brain. What do you think of when you’re not quite awake? What trivial things take on gargantuan proportions in the hours between sleep and magically end up in your cubicle working?