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Who else is having a hard time believing that the first quarter of 2011 is over today? Where is the time going? If you’re anything like me, March is always a flurry of activity. This March has been particularly eventful, and as the last month of the first quarter, a time of reflection. The last day of the month/quarter seemed as good a time as any to evaluate the highlights and lowlights of an eventful month/quarter.

The Lowlights

  • Too much work, not enough play: This month, I’ve had the education workshop dominating my life. I wasn’t able to present the idea until March 5th, and the program was March 26th. In between those two dates, I coordinated with speakers, found resources, created handouts  for twenty students, constantly corrected the date, time, dress, and parent participation levels, and came up with fun games and bribery incentives. The day of the program, I switched around speakers, made executive decisions, learned to delegate (a little bit ;-)), received a nice surprise of gift cards to give away, and had a ball playing a bell ringing, Family Feud style game with the students. I’ve also been responsible for two (now three) months of monthly summaries, some implementation plans, and two policy and procedure books. Last month, I did six annual reviews. I’m still working on my dad’s book. I’m sure I had some fun in there somewhere…
  • Up they go: Both my car insurance and my student loan payments went up this month, which does not bode well for my goal to start saving more.
  • Put it on Paper: I didn’t get the opportunity to write as much as I wanted to. That’s really irked me. I really wanted lay the ground work for my memoir, start on the marriage kit book I’m going to be researching (more later) and get the ball rolling on my collection of short stories. So far, I know some of the sources I will use for research for the marriage kits (in addition to the interviews) have a few rough drafts of opening for some memoir chapters, and have started a new short story for the series. Not much, not much at all.
  • Posting has been a disaster this month. All of my carefully planned posts haven’t been written or posted yet. I’m working really hard to remedy this.

The Highlights

  • I started back on a more regular exercise routine. This is the third week of being more focused on exercising. I went to a local park and did five miles total the first week and six miles total the second week. This week, the weather has been bad, but instead of quitting, I moved my exercise into the gym. Go me!
  • I did my taxes, and I got money back. What did I do with it? I paid a chunk of that one time bill that was threatening collection, bought materials for the education workshop, treated Mr. P to dinner, and bought gas. The best part of it is that it allowed me to capitalize on my money from second job to possibly pay off that debt this month (or get a desperately needed futon).
  • I am still on track financially. I haven’t incurred any late fees or overdrafts. I haven’t had a cash advance (kinda impossible w/o checks 😀 Hey, whatever keeps me out of Amscot for anything but a money order).
  • I was moved to another department for administrative purposes. The gist is that I now have someone coordinating my work with different departments, so I will always know what I’m supposed to be doing–no more lulls or lack of clarity (at least I hope).
  • We’ve been having a really powerful study of the Old Testament. This month we’ve concentrated on Ezra. It has really ministered to me and I’ve learned a lot about the nature of God through this study.
  • I finally thought of a way to make the marriage kits into the book it is begging to be, while still being able to post the interviews here. It took me a while to figure out how not to give the whole book away but still post, and I think I have something that works.

In the month of April, I will leave the themes alone for a bit. Once I get March caught up, April will be my Freedom Month. If you want to know more about my exercising, or get a more personal glimpse of me, feel free to check out the personal blog, What I Wanted to Say. If you want to know more about the writing projects, and to read a sample of my creative non-fiction, heat over to Copywrite1985. Please check back as I fill in March and pants my way through April!