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Today is the day for trying again. I’m rededicating myself to doing the Freestyle Friday, complete with Link Love. I’m also going to a department store and getting some new running shoes today. I think it’s time for me to get back out there and try again…and I need new shoes.

Last night, I did the Insanity Fit Test. How did I do? Well, if you want all the gory details, you can check out my post from yesterday on my personal blog, but let’s just say I’m not very fit. But all of that is going to change, of course. I’ve been working out and stretching and icing, and now I’m ready to try try again. Say a prayer for me!

I haven’t been taking care of myself as well as I should lately. I haven’t been getting enough sleep, water, or attention lately (neither has my apartment). I need to get in some time for beauty. I would love to do a little self-pedicure, facial, and protein treatment soon. My body is craving some special attention. I’ve just been less motivated on that, as focused as I’ve been on improving other things.

It was great to get off work and change into my workout gear for Insanity. It kicked my butt and made me sweat, but after I finished, I felt accomplished. I kept repeating the mantra I found on one of the running blogs I follow: I can do anything for an hour (wish I remember which blog this was!) 

Which reminds me, I will be updating the blog in the upcoming days, adding a blogroll page and updating the Marriage Kit page and other pages. I’m still looking into self hosting, and I’ll let you know what I come up with.

And Now: Link Love

It’s amazing how when you can’t do something, you become consumed with it. Since I couldn’t run or do yoga this week, I came across several great yoga/running/fitness related posts. I particularly enjoyed Clare’s recap of her first marathon in “The Marathon Experience: A Look Back.” I took a trip down memory lane with Jess over on Eat.Drink.Breathe.Sweat  with “A flashback, Ride style.” Even though I couldn’t do the exercises I wanted to do, Haute Running Mama reminded me to “Count Your Blessings.” CarlyBananas reminded me that thin doesn’t necessarily correlate to fit in her post “Boot Camp: On Being Skinny and Out of Shape.” Samantha Shelton talks about self-confidence and being proud of the work you put in on her post “Bikini Bravery.” CB also posted about a often debated topic in the running comunity: “When Can You Call Yourself a Runner?” On a less controversial, but still debated topic, DownDogDiva discusses “Is it OK to Dip Toe in Different Yoga Pools?”

Ah, love. It, like springtime, is in the air. Old loves are being dropped, new loves are being sought. Everyone is talking about love. Whose ruminations did I enjoy? Kate’s post about PDA, “To Have and To Hold” was one of my favorite romantic posts of the week. Catherine expounds on the “Crazy Stuff We Do During Breakups” on Simply Solo. Jamie explains why “Breaking up is hard to do.” Your significant other might not be the only person/thing you have to break up with. MzSporadic breaks up with toxic family and friends in “Clearing the Clutter,” and Dara does some breaking up of her own in “I Broke Up with Facebook.” Don’t ask Sarah for advice unless you can handle the truth! Find out why in “I am who I am.” Halle Berry did an interview and said she is not the marrying kind. One of my favorite bloggers, Amarieadhis, quoted my minister’s list to help you answer the question “Are You The Marrying Kind?” If you are, Kiss-N-Tell- Chantell discusses inviting the ex to your nuptials in “Inviting the Ex To Your Wedding? No Bueno!” Tired of hearing about the plight of the Black woman and her inability to marry? Wondering how Black men are faring these days? There was a reposting of Sista Toldja’s (a blogger I admire) post entitled “OMG! The Black Male Marriage Crisis” that you should read to find out.

JennDiva over at Mind of a Diva has been on fire lately with her posts. Two that really spoke to me were “Backing up Our Partners” and “Temporary Comfort.”

Time for some introspective, fun, and random posts! Zakiyamellanin really spoke to me as a woman with her post “Are you a Fragrant Flower or a Pesky Weed?” I found a restaurant soul mate in Paula from Eat:Watch:Run! She likes “Special Orders” almost as much as I do! Speaking of yummy food Sarah’s recipes for “Chicken Parmigiana & Chocolate Truffle Pie” made my mouth water. I’m definitely going to give that Chicken Parmigiana a try! Ashley discusses a comfort food favorite in “Comforting.”

There are some things you are never all caught up on and never finished with. Find out what they in “The Plain and Simple Truth” on Waking Up in… Jobo “blogs it out” on “Raging against perspective.” Grownupforreal discusses how she’d like to spend the day in “I’d Rather Be…” EMC2Wife relates some of her “Personality Pet Peeves.” The Hindsight Letters hosts a wonderful post by Kate Twitchell, “Driven By Blindness” (PS. HL, I’m going to submit something soon… :-)).

I just loved itsmeandthemoon’s post “I do not work for a suicide hotline;” it was full of emotion and it was fresh and relevant. Brava!

I keep tons of journals, both online and on paper, so how could I not like Cloudsfullofrain’s post “My handwritten life“?

Finally, in a class all by itself, Ponder Anew’s post “From Our ‘Oh, Puh-leaz!’ Department.”

Happy Friday and happy reading!