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My hip is back in business only two days after Centra Care’s staff took me for $75 diagnosed me with enflamed lymph nodes in my groin. A little advil and antibiotic and voila! So of course I’m going to go for a quick run after work before I head to church tonight. 🙂

The word of the week thus far has been options. Due to some recent circumstances, Mr. Perfect & I have been coming back to the subject of options more and more. It’s like one of the presenters at the Educational Workshop was saying to the high schoolers: it’s always good to have options, and you always want to know what those options are. Whether they are good or bad, fit into your plans of where you see your life going or not, you always look for and examine all of your options. Sometimes, we can get so overwhelmed by the fact that things haven’t gone our way, that we miss the options that are available to us. We think we are stuck with having to do something, when there are alternatives.

Take my car, for example. After my car was totaled by a preschooler high school student, I discovered that with my loans in repayment, I no longer qualified for a car by myself. After a few phone calls, I also realized I didn’t have any potential co-signers. I had two options: continue to carpool into work and help pay for gas as long as that deal held up, or go to a buy  here/pay here lot.

Buy here/pay here lots are known for two things: they will finance anyone, and they will charge exorbitant interest. Buy here/pay here doesn’t report to a credit bureau either, from what I understand, so paying on your car means nothing, credit wise. I knew, however, I needed more than just a ride to work, so I chose the buy here/pay here route.

What happened? Since I was determined to make the best of my choice and paid my bill ahead of time each time it was due, the buy here/pay here people turned my car loan over to a company that does report to the credit bureaus. Each on time payment I make is now improving my credit so I can qualify for something in the future.

A counter example would be my student loans. I ignored them for a while because I couldn’t pay them. I had options, but I didn’t use them, when I finally got around to investigating my options and employing them, I was one step away from defaulting on my student loans, which would make the entire balance(s) due immediately, ruin my credit, and wipe out years of progress.

I consolidated those loans and chose a good payment plan, thanks to a kindly creditor who realized I had the option to do so. He got his company their money and saved my sorry credit from further abuse. That was good use of his options, as I obviously didn’t have the money.

So, my Wednesday Wisdom is to stop running from things or complaining about things. Stop feeling hopeless and sorry for yourself. Stop feeling overwhelmed. Investigate your options and evaluate them honestly. It may not be as bad as you think. Seek help if you need some assistance figuring out what your options are.