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Happy Friday, everyone! this week has been a bit trying, but it’s the weekend! In case you’re wondering, it’s been a trying week for me because I’ve been without music at work :-(. The ruling came down that I am not to wear my headphones anymore during work hours. I don’t know why that is (I don’t talk on the phones or work with anyone), but I have to do what I’m told. My work fairy godmother did look out for me on this laundry week by blessing me with two extra Jeans Days! This is like Christmas to corporate America workers who have a strict business casual dress code m-thurs and jeans day on fridays. It helped eased the headphone pain this week; next week, I’ll have to identify some other bright spot. I’ll be on the lookout.

This coming Sunday is mother’s day. I hope you’ve gotten your gifts/card/flowers sent out. Apieceofthepiehole tells you exactly why mothers deserve so much special attention in “D-Day is Around the Corner, You Better Not Blow it!”

Quite a few interesting things happened this week in the world of television and entertainment. Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon released the names of their twins: Monroe and Morrocan. Hmm. I like Monroe. I think it’s just unique enough, while not being too far out there. Morrocan? Umm..I know why she did it, but Nicholas Scott Cannon would have been cool too, I’m just saying. Morrocan? Really? But it’s her baby.

Is anyone else obsessed with Braxton Family Values? In this week’s episode, Toni finally shares with her sisters how sick she really is. I can’t believe they didn’t know. The whole episode gave me new respect for her strength. It was like a Lifetime movie special. This show is thebomb.com. Check it out Tuesdays on WeTV @ 9pm, then discuss it with me on my review blog.

Speaking of my review blog, I’m doing something new: Tune in with 2blu. This weekend is the first interactive experience. Head over to my post from today (linked above), tell me what movie you want to see that came out today (you can find a list of the new releases on Chris and Pac Take On Hollywood’s “Opening This Week (2-8 May, 2011)“; Jumping the Broom also comes out this week)” and learn how to be featured on my review blog (hint: it involves pictures, ice cream, a movie, and an appendage or two). Now, on to the link love:

The King James version of the Bible turns 400. Rnbwilson, who’s in Cambridge where more than half of the translators that worked on the KJV came from, got to experience lectures and exhibits about this significant translation. Read more on “King James Bible–400 Years of Thee’s and Thou’s.”

Another thing that popped up all over the interwebs was the whole thing from Love & Hip Hop. In case you weren’t aware, the rapper Jim Jones’ girlfriend of nearly seven years, Chrissy, proposed to Jim on a recent episode, complete with male engagement ring, in front of their family and friends. Chantell and Kiss-N-Tell Chantel wrote a post about it entitled “Would You Put a Ring on Your Man’s Finger?” Over on Black and Married with Kids, they tackled the issue in the article “Should Women Propose?” I’ve talked about proposals, but never like this. What do you think? Would you propose to a man/what would you do if your woman proposed to you? Jim was less than enthusiastic about, and didn’t really answer. His ambiguous “I’m with you” and the song he wrote for her aside, I don’t know when, if ever, we’ll see a wedding on Love & Hip-Hop.

Speaking of love & hip-hop, Diggame hosts a wonderful guest blog on “The Saga of the OldNewSchool” over on Ashy to Classy.

If your week was as in need of motivation as mine was, check out these posts: Sepia explains why “Sometimes You Gotta Run.” Haley asserts “Knowledge is Power” over on Green Plate Dinners. Haley also inspires us with her Motivational Monday post, “Giving Back.” Shay Fresh explores “Doing Something Different” on her blog. Kyra Evans-Schultz exhorts her 17 year old self to embrace “The ‘I Don’t Know‘” parts of life. In a triple play of Jaclyn Rae (hello, rhyming!), we learn how to “Turn Criticism into Compassion“, how to overcome being “Painfully Insecure,” and how Jaclyn Rae plans on “Keeping My Balance (Note: I don’t agree with everything here, but I thought it was thought-provoking all the same, so I figured I’d share and let you draw your own conclusions).” Emc2Wife learns to live in the moment in her post “…and lost time & space.” Lastly, MiMi Atkins shares the inspiring story told in a book she loves, “Little Girl Lost.”

IntrigueMe contemplates losing some of her blog’s anonymity here in a recent post.

Kat Richter explains “Why I Hate Men (It’s Not What You Think). ” JenDiva over at Mind of a Diva exhorts you to “Treat Them Right.” Jobo shares a lesson she learned about getting comfortable in her relationshp in “Complacency.” JustMarriedGirl reviews her feelings about her baby shower in a two part series. Read part 1 here and part 2 here.

For all of you who love my running/exercising links: Courtenay contemplates the real cost of running in “Lying in a Noisy Tube Getting an MRI Gives You a lot of Time to Think.” Lauren explains why “Runners are Mental.” Paula at Eat:Watch:Run lets us in on a little “Treadmill Etiquette.” Marathon Maiden spectates at her first race and finds out how fun it can be on the sidelines in “#Winning.” Samantha tells us how she came up with the equation “Active Couples=fun” at her blog, newly renamed Check My Pulse (formerly The Pulse).