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In case you were wondering, I’m not adjusting well to being without music throughout the day. On the plus side, it makes me more eager to workout, as this is when I get my music listening time (see, there’s always a bright side). In the evenings, I’ve been pretty preoccupied between finishing edits to my dad’s book and working my second job when I have things to finish. I’ve been having trouble fitting in my own time to write between all of the obligations and spending time with my boyfriend. Of course, since I’m thisclose to putting my dad’s book back together again, it will free up time to start back on my own projects.

The question is, where do I start? Here are the choices:

  • My NaNoWriMo novel: A chick lit story of a woman who lies to the class secretary about her life, then is faced with admitting her lies or trying to live up to them when the class reunion rolls around (I think I can even rework this into something Harlequin might publish! 😉 ).
  • One of my twelve steps stories, about the origins of a sixteen year old’s  addiction, as well as her family life.
  • My first novel attempt, set in the South, which involves a Black ghostwriter, a Southern white woman, the legacy of a family and a house, and a host of other supporting characters and plots. It is my best attempt at a “literary” novel, and has been compared to Toni Morrison (not by me, of course).
  • The college memoir, which I’ve written a few recollections on and found some old diaries pertaining to, but I’m sure there’s more to be found in Michigan, too.
  • The marriage kit…whatever it’s going to be. I’ve written a little of where I plan on going and what I plan on doing down, but not a lot. I also have a few interviews to transcribe.

So, what WIP do you vote for?

I’m exercising again today. I haven’t yet decided what I’m going to do. I could go to the gym, do Insanity, do a yoga workout, go to the trail, do the workout routine outlined around a local park. I’m not sure. What do you all think I should do? I know I’m not just going to sit at home and watch my tighs and stomach get bigger. No, I’m not.

I saw Jumping the Broom this weekend. I have thoughts about it. They will be up on the review blog soon. Tune in with 2blu will be tonight. You can follow along on twitter with hashtag #2bluTuneN starting at 9 pm Eastern ( I think). I’ll be watching #Braxton Family Values, then #16andPregnant.

Not much else today. It’s a slow day in 2blu2btruLand. What are your plans this evening?