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By “we,” I mean me. Mr. Perfect isn’t able to go :-(. I am have to get back with my aunt to see if she can go with me to keep me company. We’ll see who’s in the car on Friday, June 3rd.

I’m going up to Michigan to see Oldest BB graduate from high school! I haven’t been back to Michigan since my stepfather died in 2009, so it’s a bittersweet trip. All of his family will be in town, as will much of mine, yet one of the main people I (still) expect to see won’t be there. Talk about unpacking emotional issues!

When I moved to Florida in 2006, I came on a plane with one large suitcase, a smaller toiletry bag, and a carry on. Needless to say, I left a lot in Michigan. I’m driving up so I can pack up the car and bring as much of it back as possible.

There are a few things that could make this road trip more difficult than most, and as I’m preparing to embark on this journey ( in two weeks and a day), I wanted to give you all some traveling stories/advice/warnings.

Things that could make this trip difficult:

  • I have no idea if I’ll be driving alone at this point.
  • What do I put on the iPod?! Does my passenger share my affinity for country? Will they be bored by listening to my Minister’s sermons? Will they like podcasts? (But at least I have an iPod–continuous music without changing a station…however, I’d prefer my satellite radio–and my remote).
  • Gas is HOW MUCH across the Mason-Dixon Line?!
  • I don’t drink coffee/anything with caffeine…or that g word that is really caffeine. How to stay awake.
  • But if I’m driving, who’s taking pictures?
  • I don’t want to stop for gas in We are Racist, USA…but my gas hand is flashing red alert.
  • Does my road hazard insurance cover this? (sidenote: I paid the insurance, right? OK, I’m good.)
  • I’m stuck in traffic.
  • I missed my exit! Everywhere isn’t like I-4; I can’t just get off, hop back on in the other direction and make the exit. Some exits you get off on, you have to go miles before you can get on in the other direction. I don’t have a navigation system…at least, I don’t think. Maybe I should get that on my phone before I go…and a phone charger.
  • 19 hours…in a car.
  • Potty breaks.

Despite all of this, I’m still excited for my trip. I haven’t taken a road trip in a long time. What were my other road trips like? Look out for part two. All I’ll say for now is this: o_O

Yes, I’m aware this has nothing to do with relationships…but it will,