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This weekend’s highlight was an interview double feature I did with the very lovely and personable Sis. Tartt from my church (note: she is my sister in Christ, and yes, she gave me permission to use her name). I have been trying to score this interview for nearly a year, and by trying to score I mean thinking I should really interview Sister Tartt for my blog.

I don’t know about any of you, but sometimes I sike myself out. I dissuade myself from trying things, or I put things on the backburner because I don’t know how they’ll pan out. That’s what I was doing with this interview. I had been put off or outright rejected so many times when I asked people to do these interviews that I didn’t want to ask anyone else. Sister Tartt had told me that she was interested in my project and wanted me to email her the particulars, but I kept putting it off. Sister Tartt is busy; she has other things to do. Besides, I haven’t even (insert any of a million different things here).

The thing is, she was delighted to do the interview. She responded to my email promptly with three possible interview times, inviting me to her home to conduct the interview. Once there, she answered all of my questions without constraint and we had a good time while the recorder rolled.

I had lost a bit of faith in this project. I knew I felt it was something important for me to do, but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, or not right now. There had been so many stops and starts, so many missed opportunities, so many rejections, not to mention so many changes in direction with this project, that I began to lose my certainty that I would ever get it going in the right direction again. Maybe it was time to do something else. I had forgotten the advice I gave you all so long ago in Screwtape Explains it All: disappoint occurs at the threshold of every human endeavour…once you get through the initial dryness successful, it is much harder to tempt you away from achieving your goals.

Just because something isn’t going the way you planned doesn’t mean it isn’t meant to happen. Don’t stop asking. You can’t receive if you don’t ask; if you don’t know, no one’s going to open the door. If you are going to go for it, go big. Why not?

So, in the spirit of asking, two things: if anyone wants to be involved in my marriage kit interviews or wants to share some of their thoughts on marriage, please get in touch with me and let me know. My email: 2blu2btru4u@gmail.com , my twitter: @2blu2btru, or leave a comment here. Second, in addition to my regular interviews, I am going to start (as soon as I finish posting this), working on getting two special interviews for the project: one with an African-American male who is a professional matchmaker, Paul Brunson, and one with the relationship coach(es) I wrote about in my open relationship posts (parts I, II, & III), Kenya K. Stevens (possibly her husband). These are definitely unique perspectives to bring to the table, and I want them! So, keep your fingers crossed for me, and tweet them how awesome I am and how they should absolutely grant me a phone or email interview. @PaulCBronson and Kenya’s twitter is @JujuMama.

Tell me what you are going to stop putting off and just ask for. Let’s put our intentions out there!