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Note: I’m going to say some things that will probably make you made at me, but I hope you’ll keep reading to the very end and that you at least get the point I’m actually making before you a)leave me a commenting cursing me out or b) close this window and never read my blog again. Thanks.~Management

Casey Anthony was found not guilty. I agree completely with the jury. Justice has been served. That is all.

Well, not really. That’s not all. I live in Florida, so I’ve been living with this case since Caylee was reported missing. I was one of the first to see the cute little picture of her resting her chin on her hands. I prayed they would find her, even as it became less and less likely they would find her alive. I watched them probe into Casey’s lifestyle. I was watching when they reported finding the body. I saw them root around in the life of the poor man who found her. I saw Xenaida Gonzales sue for slander. I followed the case as the “evidence” mounted. I jeered Jose Baez and laughed at the local talk radio stations hilarious impersonations of Nancy Grace. I saw fistfights break out outside to get in the courtroom, and I wanted to wipe the smug look off of that judge.

I had the nightmares of seeing all those tell all books get published by the prosecutors, the judge, and the defendant, as it happened with the OJ Simpson trial. I shuddered in horror thinking of people knocking down Jose Baez’ door for legal advice. And I knew the verdict would be the same: Not guilty.

Whether or not I personally believe she did it, there was no way that jury could have legally convicted Casey. If you don’t believe me, watch the Datline Investigates that’s sure to come out. If this case had to be decided based on Casey’s character or the court of popular opinion, the third syringe would be sticking out of her arm as we speak (Note: Lethal injection used to be (maybe still is, I don’t know) a cocktail of three powerful drugs, administered at intervals). Casey Anthony lied through her teeth about everything she could lie about. She was always partying and never seemed emotionally connected with her daughter. She seems to be a few fries short of a happy meal. Do I think she was/is capable of pulling a Susan Smith for a man/chance to be free of responsibility? Yes. I. Do.

However, it is up to the state to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. She never had to prove she was innocent; just that it was reasonable that someone else could be guilty. You are “innocent” until proven guilty, but you aren’t found innocent, just not guilty. The state couldn’t prove how Caylee died or who killed her. They proved Casey was a bad person. They even got her defense team to admit Caylee had been dead since the search began and that Casey had known that. Why Casey didn’t call the police if Caylee really drowned is a good question, but it’s not proof she killed her. There wasn’t enough evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, to convict her on.

The jury made the right decision not to convict her on murder charges. It frustrates the rest of the world, those who followed the case and believed she was guilty, but it was the only verdict they could return. It doesn’t matter what I believe; it’s what can be proven. Sometimes we hate that about our justice system, but I’m glad we stick to that now, unlike when they were convicting and hanging people because of prejudice and what people “believed.”

The state dropped the ball. I’m no attorney, but I’ve watched enough Cold Case Files and Forensic Files to know that you don’t try a case until you have enough evidence to convict. In many cases, they have a suspect that they just can’t prove did it until later. If there was a smoking gun to be found, they should have waited for it.

So, the justice systems did not fail “us” or Caylee; the prosecution did. The process worked as it should. It may seem unfair on days like today, but it did what it was designed to do. Thanks to that marvelous protection the constitution grants us against double jeopardy, they can’t touch her for this crime ever again. I wouldn’t worry, though; they still managed to stick it to OJ Simpson in the end. If she did do it, she’s just dumb enough to do something else. If she truly has “gotten  away with murder” legally, that doesn’t mean she won’t be punished one way or another.

What a thing to contemplate after the celebration of our country’s founding, right? We get to ponder how we feel about all of the freedoms and protections granted to us in the constitution…and Nancy Grace may have been struck dumb for a few seconds. 🙂

That’s my two cents, anyway. Feel free to leave yours. Vent about this case and any others like it (and tell me all about myself for writing this) in the comments section.