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OK, I’m going to have to stop giving away all of my best stuff for my book here, or else y’all won’t have any reason to read it when I finally am ready to release it. So, from now on, I’ll only talk about things in the book in very general, topical ways. However, this is a blog about relationships, mainly romantic ones. That’s why you guys read, am I right? I’m assuming you also like my personal stories. So, I’m proposing a compromise. I tell you some of my “love stories” for a few days. Some of these you may have heard part of, but I’m going even deeper and telling you even more. One will be a guest post somewhere else (if she’ll have me at her place!). I’m sharing these in the interest of giving you a good laugh leaving myself some space to come up with great conflict that doesn’t give my book away. What can you expect?

  • The first time a guy ever said “I love you” to me. (Hint: It was bad)
  • That weird best friends thing–possible guest post
  • The stuff in the refrigerator guy (if you don’t remember that, don’t worry; I’ll recap).
  • Love taps (remember those? Too bad I’m heavy handed!)
  • The guy that liked my friend–and what she did about it.
  • I NEVER talked about Ceaseré (no, I’m not kidding–Chez-uh-rae–real name)
  • The guys destined to be best friends (we all know and love them)

If I think of any more, I’ll add them. For now, tell me which you want to see, or suggest your own.