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Despite all of the things I wrote down during the day yesterday to talk about, one topic has really been pressing on my mind lately. I’m not sure how many of my readers are Christian, but if you are, or maybe if you’re not, perhaps you’ll understand what I mean.

As I was praying this morning (as is my habit as of late), I found myself praying about things I had no intention of praying about. Many of these things were things I had forgotten I wanted to pray about or didn’t even know I wanted to pray about. I started out praying about how a newly wed couple I know was looking for jobs. Then I remembered another young couple who was adding to their family, and another who was added to their family who had been unsuccessful in the past. Then I started thinking about all of the young adults I know (this is the post college population to about thirty in my prayer, the quarter-lifers)–trying to find jobs, trying to advance in jobs, trying to find a job that doesn’t stress them out and pays them enough, all the newly marrieds or those starting families, all those wanting to be married and start families, those still trying to figure out who they are and what their life should look like. It struck me that through all of this wondering and searching, we as Christians are still expected to focus on God. We are told in the scriptures that all of the things we need in life will be added to us if we are focused on Him and doing His will. But we are in the midst of all of these life changes as young adults, and sometimes we miss where our focus should be.

So I ended up praying that God would help me, at least, to let life unfold as it would if I was or wasn’t obsessively trying to manipulate it. I prayed I could just do what I’m actually supposed to do and not get in the way of Him doing what he said he would. That thought was so profound, I thought I’d share–and risk being late to work!

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