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(If you don’t know where the title for this edition of the Love Chronicles comes from, google it; I’ll wait…)

Note: This is not the continuation of where I was going with the Love Chronicles. This is an interlude (aka, a way to delay embarrassing myself for one more entry.)

Back when I was in high school, pre-Facebook and Twitter, African-Americans had one primary way of “meeting” other people, one profile we referred people to–BlackPlanet. Everyone had a BlackPlanet page in my area. You could stay online friends, date, or whatever else you were trying to do socially (and would later use facebook for). With the creation of my BP account, the craziest experiences I’ve had with love and dating began.

Remember the guy from the “I Love You” “What?” post? How about the two friends from “You & My Best Friend”? I met all of them on Blackplanet, and many more. I’ll never forget the guy whose profile picture was of himself (in his bathroom, of course), clad only in a Mickey Mouse towel draped around his hips. Or the guy whose whole profile was nothing but shoes and cars he couldn’t afford.

Social networking (and, I imagine, online dating) can be a crazy place to look for love; BP certainly never did me any favors. I want to hear some of your crazy experiences with social networking and online dating–whether it’s facebook, myspace, twitter, BlackPlanet, a blogging site, Match.com, Plenty of Fish, eHarmony, LinkedIn, etc. It can be a successful experience (that led to a date, a relationship, a marriage, a great networking opportunity, a book deal, fame and reknown) or a complete and utter failure. Just leave your two cents in the comment section.