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I wanted to update you all on the happenings in my life right now (The New Love Chronicles post is already written and will be posting soon; don’t worry). I figure since you all are my first audience, you would like to know about the marriage kit project and the progress I’ve made on it, along with a few other things.

I’m deep in research for the marriage kit project, trying to decide what topics to focus on and how to integrate the interviews, studies, scriptures, and arguments that I want to put forward into a fun, practical book that I feel I would be happy with. There are a few topics that have stood out to me, and I decided to research one in particular first: submission. I don’t think most of you will be surprised with where I’m going with that, whether it’s because you’ve been reading the interviews or the general blog (there are some other areas I have nailed down for further study, but that’s the only freebie I’m giving up right now).

Speaking of my blog, there are changes afoot! One of the things I want to do (that I can do) is add more pictures. I’m leery of copyright infringement, etc., so I haven’t, up to this point, used very many. It dawned on me a few days ago that : 1) I have a digital camera 2) I have a photocard that I can put right into my computer, and 3) people like blogs with pictures. Here’s the thing, though. I dropped my camera not long after I bought it, so the screen doesn’t work. 😦 This is more of an annoyance than an actual problem. I just have to take a lot of pictures to ensure I get one that’s not crazy until I can get another camera. In short, there will be more pictures on the blog (not necessarily of me, though).

Another change I’m looking into is changing the content of my pages. For instance, I wrote a really good guest post for Cordelia over at Cordelia Calls It Quits (to be posted Monday, September 26th; don’t worry, I’ll remind you :D) that included a way better bio than the one I currently have up. Also, I’ve written other guest posts, and plan to write more, and you may not even know about them because they aren’t listed anywhere! Not to mention the updates needed to what you need to read if you’re new to this blog. So, in short, this weekend I’ll be updating the content of the pages for this blog.

There are also some changes I’m looking into that are afar off. Out of the clear blue sky, I met a photographer while I was getting a new tire for my car. He takes pictures in natural lighting on location or in his studio, and his prices look pretty reasonable. Once I go self-hosted, I’d like some professional pictures for the blog and just for “my own self.” There’s also my graphic designer friend I want to enlist to make me my own trademarked logo for the site (once I can pay him). Not to mention getting an email list, etc. I have all of the pieces to getting a self-hosted site done except the most important piece: the money. But my time is coming!

Until then, if you like me content, please like my blog on facebook (it’s woefully unliked at present), and follow it on twitter @2blu2btru. And subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!

P.S.: I’ve been reading blogs, just not commenting from my phone. As I’m updating me blog, expect a flurry of comments!

I’m posting the next Love Chronicles post TODAY, and you don’t want to miss that.