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I finally have a return to internet service in my apartment. That’s the first bit of good news. There are, in fact, several bits of good news, but most are more appropriate for the personal blog, so be sure and check there to continue to stay “all up in my business.” As for things that pertain to love and relationships, I can’t wait to share all of the news and updates with you guys!

First of all, the book is going really well. Most of the time, I have no idea where these great analogies and passages are coming from. I’m just trying to make sure that I get it written down and once I have a solid first draft completed, I’ll worry about crafting it and how I’m saying things. I have to say, however, that in the chapters I have written, there are a lot of great passages that really work; I just need to flesh things out in a few places. So yay for progress.

I don’t spend too much time here talking about relationships with parents, but this past weekend was a good one for building up that relationship in one regard. I got to hear my dad speak about the book I helped him edit, Cracking the Relationship Code, which also features one of my blog posts. He was speaking in a seminar put on by my aunt. The title of his presentation was “Healing Broken Relationships.” I was asked by my aunt to introduce him, which went pretty well. Afterwards he signed copies of his book–a lot of them. Nearly everyone there bought one or two copies (I’ll be sure to post a review in the upcoming days). Afterwards, we had a small opportunity to spend some time together. I was happy to see him for a little while, and hopefully the next time can be longer.

For all of its brevity, the visit was pleasant. We were both relaxed and had fun. There were no sarcastic comments or observations from either side, just a nice time. Progress.

I’m having a get together tomorrow (fingers crossed). I’ve invited some of my friends over to enjoy some food and scary movies. I’ve got a little menu planned and some snacks. I’ve been planning to have people over for a while, but it just hadn’t worked out until now. Of course, having people over is going to create logistical problems. I have to move the (relatively small) TV to a more centralized location, make sure I have enough seating, make sure I send everyone the directions, make sure there’s enough food options and variety of drinks, and clean up in here. My aunt always says that the first thing people do when they visit your house is go straight to the bathroom, in which case…I’ve got work to do. I’m going to put up something about entertaining in your twenties soon; it should be fun times.

In a way, I am thankful for my time sans internet connection. My book finally began to pick up steam, I got to spend time with my dad, I read more, and I went on vacation (which is a HUGE post). I got to see Mr. Perfect’s grandmother and parents again. I was really happy to see them, especially his grandmother. She’s a sweet woman (even though she talked about how I “didn’t have all of that behind you when I last saw you.” O_O Honesty when it hurts–The prerogative of older people, right?). I have dozens of pictures, some to be developed (still working on getting a digital camera…blah) from that trip and my brothers graduation in June (yes, I’m late), so expect a lot of pictures.

OH, and that Cyrano de Bergerac post? Yeah, it’s coming.

The most important thing I’ll only mention here and will do a full write-up of on the personal blog: I have a new position at my job. (!!!) I’ve still got to finish training for it, so I’m not sure of all the duties and differences from my old job, but I’m excited for progress. Not only did I get a new position, I get to go shopping. Yay for new, hip work clothes that fit my dress for success model.

Speaking of work, duty calls, but be sure to check back for new posts, or subscribe to the blog. You can also Facebook stalk the me or the blog, or follow me on twitter. If you tweet me or facebook me, I can stalk you back. How fun is cyber stalking?! Right? Right?!