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Whenever anyone has asked me about my dream wedding, I say that I have no idea what the colors will be or where it will be or what kind of dress I want to wear. This is true; I’ve  never really dreamed about the cake or the flowers. But there is one element of the wedding that I’ve given a LOT of thought to: the music.

Anyone who knows me knows two things about me: I love music & I can’t dance. I will happily sit at a dance and just listen to music and watch other people dance. If I went to the club, I would be the one holding purses and drinking Sprite. But I love music, especially love songs.

Until recently, I had forgotten the odd habit I have of collecting possible wedding songs. It wasn’t any personal event that brought it to mind, but a nice song that made me think, “hmm, that would be a good wedding song.”

The fact that I think about this isn’t news to Mr. P.; what is news to him is that I don’t just mentally keep a list. On my ipod, I have a list of possible wedding songs–some over used, some not so much. For example, I put “Ribbon in the Sky” on the list just because it was EVERYONE’S wedding song for a minute there. So far, the list consists of nearly 40 songs. I’m sure it could be longer, but that’s all I have right now.

If I actually ever am called upon to pick a wedding song (or a few), I don’t know what I will ultimately pick. Like every other thing about a wedding day, I see no real reason to decide or I can’t pick just a few. You decide.

I’m more interested in you. What music did you have in your ceremony? What was your first dance song? Why did you choose the songs you did?

Oh, and the song that started me thinking about how I collect wedding songs? Bebe Winans “I Found Love (Cindy’s song).”