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There comes a time in every relationship where a disagreement occurs. This doesn’t happen very often between Mr. P. and I, but when it does it always shocks me. It’s a “what do you mean you have a completely different perspective on this than I do? How?” sort of reaction. It reinforces the fact we are two different people from two different places who dcon’t always agree. We are also two different people who handle conflict differently.

Through years of hard work and discipline, I’ve gotten to the point where it takes a lot to get me angry. Most people never see me angry (irritated, maybe). There are few things that truly irk me enough for me to take a stand on out of anger. I’d venture to guess many women share my frustration with having any legitimate problem or angry reaction attributed to PMS or your time of the month. (!!!) Making light of my perspective or misrepresenting what I said are the other triggers. If you want to see me lose it, that’s the best way.

I’m amazed that despite spending so much time to cultivate this humble, temperate attitude, I can still get so heated that all the conflict reolution I’ve learned goes out the window in favor of yelling and pushing back. I guess I shouldn’t be; James says be swift to hear, slow to speak amd slow to anger; it doesn’t say that getting angry won’t happen anymore.

I feel like I should cut myself some slack; after all, I don’t throw things or hit people anymore (yes, unfortunately I used to do that. I was a rough little person). But not having that ultimate self-control irkks me.

So I had some time to myself yesterday. I ordered in, watched Transformers 3 and The Nanny Season 1, and snuggled under my big comforter. I wasn’t still angry; my anger passes by pretty quickly, like an intense storm cell. I just needed some mental space to reset. The luxuries of not being married or having kids, right?

So I want to know how you deal with conflict, and what makes you David Banner/Incredible Hulk angry. How have you evolved in how you deal with angry feelings? Feel free to leave a comment below or email me at 2blu2btru4u@gmail.com