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Hardly! With only a few days left in this year, I’ve been bombarded with friends, acquaintances, and people separated from me by less than six degrees updating their twitter, facebooks, and blogs with retrospectives of the last year and future plans. I’ve even obliquely outlined a few plans to a few friends, but I have yet to take a complete look at this year, or make concrete plans for the next one.

The other day, I did an experiment. I wrote down everything that I’d accomplished this year that I consider to be important, then I compared it to this post outlining my goals for the year. The results of the experiment were eye opening. To save you the time of flipping back and forth, I’ll give you the list here, crossing out what I’ve done already:

So, to that end, here are my goals for 2011:

  • Write a blog post everyday: I had this goal before, and while I didn’t achieve it, I did notice that when I really tried, I was able to find many wonderful topic to write about, and writing often helped me track my progress on my goals. [Update: Obviously, this didn’t happen, for reasons you will see throughout this post]
  • Finish my NaNoWriMo novel: I’m not going to set any hard goals for publications for this year. This year I want to get back to writing because I love it. I’ve sucked all of the joy out of writing when I’ve made the end goa publication rather than writing something I was proud of and was worthy of publication. I need to take one step at a time. [Update: Nope, didn’t do this either. I started another NaNoWriMo in July, and even began my marriage kit book, but I didn’t finish either of those items, for reasons you will see.]
  • Find someone I trust to critique my writing when I have a finished product: I need someone I can trust to look over the work and give me an honest opinion. [Update: I found someone I trusted, but he hasn’t had time to look over the work and tell me what he thinks, so I give myself half a credit here]
  • Add in my stress reducing activities: These include exercise, walking, talking to friends, blogging, hot baths–anything that helps to relieve stress. I won’t use exercise as simply a means to lose weight, but as a way to relieve stress, be healthy, and promote positive feelings about myself. [Update: Not even a little bit. I was more stressed out this year than last year!]
  • Keep an updated calendar of my bill dates and amounts, and plan each month for paying bills on time. [Update: I don’t even want to talk about this one…]
  • Be more expressive of my appreciation when people help/support me.
  • Read my Bible each day. [Update: I did read my Bible a lot more, especially with the things I was involved with, but I didn’t meet the every day goal.
  • Pray at least once each day. [Update: Does grace before eating count? No? OK, I did this maybe three to four times a week, not counting worship service and Bible Study.]
  • Cook meals at home at least four days a week. [Yeah, that didn’t happen]
  • Take lunch to work at least four days a week. [No, that didn’t happen either]
  • Visit and keep in touch with family more. [Went to Michigan for a week and visited my aunt and uncle several times. I speak to everyone at least once a week.
  • Attend brother’s graduation.
  • Make doctor’s appointments. [I made dental appointments; I still have a few days to make a doctor’s appointment.]
  • Get a library card and read at least two books a month that aren’t Harlequin romance novels. [I did increase my regular reading, just not two books a month.]
  • Attempt (and complete) NaNoWriMo again in November. [Did Camp NaNoWriMo in July. Made good progress on a good project, but got busy and didn’t finish it.]
  • Continue and compile the “Season for Getting Serious” posts
  • Start on two memoir ideas.
  • Strengthen relationship with my father. [Spent nearly the entire week before Christmas, Christmas, and most of the day after Christmas with my dad and little brother. Supported his talk at aunt’s seminar and introduced him, too.]
  • transition my blog to a self hosted blog with trademarked banner/name, and ensure all materials are properly copywrited. [We won’t talk about that one.]
  • Get furniture for my apartment. [I got a futon, an end table, a coffee table, and a chair.]
  • Find my other passions, and pursue them.
  • Love more freely and trust in a deeper way.
  • Increase my fellowship. [Oh, boy did I. I attended one First Friday Fellowship, participated in tutoring, ran an education workshop, helped out and attended a Ladies’ Day, attended education meetings, attended a gospel meeting, attended and spoke during the marriage and family workshop, went to a Songfest with some other members, hosted two singles’ fellowships, participated in planning and putting on a Senior luncheon, hosted Scared Silly Saturday before Halloween, and had fellowships with singles and even the minister and his family after church over a meal. I helped out with the Spring Fling and Free Market as well.]
  • Begin increasing my tithing. [Didn’t get a chance to do this one…money was funny; however, I did give more often.]
  • Shop more in the fresh produce section. [see above “money was funny”]

Did you notice the trend that I noticed doing this the other day? If you’ve identified the fact that I accomplished everything that was outside of my own personal goals, you guessed correctly. I put together or helped plan and execute programs, I supported my family members’ programs, I was there for special family events, I kept in touch, I made sacrifices to participate in everyone’s everything…except my own.

There was one thing that happened that was for me this year: I got a new position at work. I have a new title, a new (shared) office, and work that requires a functioning brain. I’m hopeful for what I can accomplish career wise, and I can’t wait to get my career plan/ career path at the annual review…along with any word on salary adjustment, a raise, or a bonus. I crossed one unwritten goal off my list: transition from the non-descript, no possibility of going anywhere role I was in into something that better suits me.

This year was supposed to be about balance, but as you can see, this year was anything but balanced. There wasn’t a lot of me in this year. I didn’t do a lot of taking care of myself, growing myself, working towards the future I would like to have.

I would love to say more, but before I do, there’s a lot more wrapping up to do. I haven’t actually told you about my year. I haven’t done my best posts of 2011 blog rewind. I haven’t caught up on all of your entries. I haven’t crafted my goals or selected my word of the year. So, until that time, tell me about you.

What goals did you set out with this year? How many of them did you accomplish? What was missing from your year? What do you intend to do about it?