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*Note: This post has nothing to do with Lord of the Rings. I’m sorry if you thought it did, but you should know me (and this blog) better than that.

This Saturday, I: a) went ring shopping with Mr. P. b) went wedding dress shopping with Mr. P c) went sexy underwear for after I’m married shopping with Mr. P. d) bought a Cinnabon with Mr. P. e) made a predominantly 90s themed wedding reception playlist with Mr. P.

All of these are true, and only one of them makes sense. This is what happens when I don’t have anything else to do with  my time.

The day started normally enough. We did the Panera Bread thing for breakfast before going to the church for tutoring/work day. Then we went to the MLK parade. After that, we had lunch at Red Lobster by the mall. I told Mr. P. whenever I passed the mall, I wanted to stop for a Cinnabon or Auntie Anne’s pretzel, so we decided to head to Cinnabon after our lunch.

When we got into the mall, we wandered around Dillards looking at shoes and purses, then wandered into the actual mall. On our way past, I saw the bridal store had a really pretty dress, so I suggested we go peek around. As soon as I said I wasn’t planning a wedding soon, I was promptly left alone (good for the time being, but made me feel less than impressed with their service; I could have been helping a friend look for a place to buy a dress…anyway…). Mr. P. got to give his opinion on what he liked (which can be summed up in a funny phrase I won’t share with you), which was very divergent from my leanings, but we did agree on several no go gowns.

After this slightly frightening experience, Mr. P. wanted to look around Fredrick’s across the hall to remind himself of the advantages of being married. After he was invited to try on a few pieces himself by the “I don’t judge” clerk, the experience lost its savor, so we continued on.

We passed a jewelry store with some really gaudy jewelry on our way (finally) to Cinnabon. We passed another jewelry store we both agreed we wouldn’t bother with because it looked down market, then ended up outside of a jewelry store that seemed more our style. After being greeted and told if we needed anything to call, we were left alone for a bit. As we neared the engagement ring/wedding ring sets, we were again greeted by another store representative. We told her we were just comparing our tastes for future reference (aka, we aren’t buying today), but rather than ignore us, she began to indulge our little game of “what about that one?” And point out rings we might like.

She pointed out one that was very nice, a nice carat count, with a matching wedding band. It slipped nearly perfectly on my finger (I put it on at her urging). Not bad. After we both decide that one is pretty high up on our imaginary lists, she says, let me show you something, and disappears with the ring. We ogle some more until she comes back with the ring cleaned

…and I fall in LOVE with it.

With all the finger oils clean off of it, this thing sparkles from every angle, even in the shadows, yet it’s not to big and flashy. It’s so me–elegant, sparkling, shining from the inside, with all the right little accents. Of course, the ring that’s exactly me is 2 carats and over $4,000. And this is just a hypothetical jaunt.

She gives us a great hypothetical deal, too: the company will pay the tax, cut a couple hundred from the price, and throw in sizing. She writes it all down on her card with the ring info in case we come back, to lock in the deal she gave us no matter what the price is (it’s regular priced nearly $10k). Even though I tried on a 30k, 5 carat ring/wedding bank set, it didn’t top this one…which I had to leave in the store and settle for a Cinnabon.

We were both a bit taken with our hypothetical ring shopping, and went on to run through an enormous amount of music for our fake nuptials, as well as picking a venue. We have half of a wedding planned in a Saturday afternoon.

I now see how addictive the whole wedding thing can be, and I’m not even getting married! If you are in the Orlando area and need some ideas, though, I know a few good places to look. 😀