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There are some things in life you have to wait for, no matter how many times you may think you can’t wait. How many times have we said:

  • I can’t wait for the weekend
  • I can’t wait until I’m 18/21
  • I can’t wait until I have my own place

We can get a little impatient sometimes, can’t we? Then there are things that we say we can’t wait for when in reality, all we have to do is stop waiting and start doing. How many people are still waiting for a better job, waiting to finish school to start a career, waiting until their kids grow up to pursue an interest, waiting to be married or waiting to have more money to purchase or experience things? I’m not saying that these can’t be legitimate reasons, but when do they become excuses not to act?

There’s a fine line between waiting for things that will come to you and being stalled in situations you can move on from if you just put in the effort. Waiting can be a good thing. Good things come to those who wait. Those that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength. Patience is a virtue. We all know these things. But some things require action.

My encouragement for you today is to evaluate the things that you are waiting for in an honest manner. Are there things that you can be doing now to help ensure you achieve success, no matter how small they seem? If you want a self-hosted site but don’t have the money, you can start small by buying the domain name. If you want to publish a book, start by writing a little a day, or revising a little a day, or sending queries to so many agents a day, or learning so much about self-publishing a day. If you want to go on an amazing trip or fund an emergency fund, start with $5-10 a week or a paycheck. Those little things will begin to add up.

Yes, there are some things that will only come with time: maturity, reaching a certain age, obtaining a degree, getting married, etc. But even these things we work on and contribute to long before they come to fruition. Are you investing any capital? If not, time alone will not yield much of a return for you.

What are you waiting for?



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