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This weekend, I felt like it was finally time to put some action to my future plans. I am going to integrate my blogs into my own self-hosted site. I wanted to get a logo designed, find a host site, come up with a concept and name that integrates all my blogs, select a domain name that suites the aforementioned, find a camera, create an about me and about the site page, etc. I also wanted to begin work on a book proposal for a memoir that I’ve been working on, Some College. I had big plans, and a little extra money.

Even though I did submit my ideas to a graphic designer, crystallized a concept that I think encompasses most of my blogging, found out that the proposed domain name was not registered, chose a hosting site, and shopped for cameras, even though I did some research for my book proposal, I still felt like I hadn’t accomplished anything, since I wasn’t able to buy the domain, the web hosting, and the camera. After all, what had I really done but dream?

My little brother wanted me to call him last night. When I called, he wanted to talk about how he was so frustrated with the way things were going; he didn’t know if he was going to school for the right thing anything. He had got accepted into an art school, and the money from financial aid didn’t come through in time, so he ended up having to start a semester late at a different college. After this deferment, he wasn’t sure if he had the same passion for it.

Sometimes we can all be hard on ourselves. After we have actively taken positive steps towards accomplishing a goal or a dream, it can seem as if we still haven’t given enough. When our dream gets deferred, we think it’s just not meant to be, that maybe we should just quit trying. We are so close to a major breakthrough, a defining moment, and we just don’t realize it.

While I did research for Some College, I realized something. I have had this idea for this memoir since I realized I would have to take a year off of school in the fall of 2006, but I’ve recently began writing extensively on it. When I decided to do a book proposal and looked for things to support it, I found a newly completed study commissioned by Bill and Melinda Gates on this very subject, as well as an American Radioworks special. President Obama is swinging his focus to education and jobs in this campaign year. The things that I am can write about from first hand experience are finally getting some national thought and attention. This is a perfect time to get this book done and out into the world.

Sometimes, that’s our problem. It’s just not the right time. Some things are just deferred. We decide what happens to a dream deferred. We decide if we keep writing, keep painting, keep composing, keep singing, keep working on our business plan. We decide if we keep filing for grants. We decide if we keep praying. When we have a dream we believe in and we believe would benefit the world, it’s up to us to wrestle all night and not let go until we are blessed, just as Jacob did.

In the meantime, before your “big break,” before your moment, before your time–this is when you put in all of the preparation that allows you to take advantage of the moment. This is when you put in all the blood sweat and tears that you will allude to when you it finally pays off. This is where you work out all of the impurities and make your work of the highest possible quality. Don’t undervalue “in the meantime.” Take advantage of every opportunity you have; even it you can’t get as far as you’d like to get, you’ll be farther than you were before.

That’s my two cents, anyway. Leave yours in the comment section.