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I have a thing for Tim Tebow. If you’ve been reading for a while, you already know that I really respect him and his decision to stay a virgin until he’s married. I mean, I can say that all day and it’s not as remarkable as a man saying it, let alone a professional football player. Tim Tebow wears his Christian beliefs on his face–literally–and is very upfront about his love for the Lord and wanting to remain true to those beliefs instilled into him. This takes a lot of courage in our society today. I can’t imagine the amount of temptation he must face, the women throwing themselves at him as they do all professional athletes, and just being a young man in prime physical condition fighting against your own body. So I was more than a little irked at the bounty placed on his virginity by a porn website.

The porn website in question is one that helps connect married people with sexual partners; they facilitate adulterous affairs. I am not surprised that their moral depravity would extend as far as offering a million dollars to any woman who can get Tim Tebow to sleep with her. They don’t give him good prospects of being able to keep his vow in New York; they figure that he will fall to this temptation quite easily.

It seems that whenever we make up our minds to change for the better or to stick up for what we believe in, things get hard, doesn’t it? It seems that the minute we try to do better, a bullseye is placed on us. We can be as resolved as we want to be; it only makes the temptations more inventive and elaborate. But there are two very powerful things that God does that allows us to persist in sticking to our guns, if we remain close to Him. The first is the Hedge. In Job, the devil tells God to remove the hedge of protection He has around Job and allow Job to be tempted. The devil knows the power of God’s protection. He can’t do anything to anyone that God doesn’t allow Him to do unless we allow him to do it. The second thing is the Escape Hatch. God doesn’t  allow us to be tempted beyond what we can bear, but always provides an escape with the temptation. Even when God allows us to be tempted, he provides a way for us to bear it.

I don’t know Tim Tebow personally, nor do I know unequivocably that his faith is sincere and hasn’t already been compromised; however, if he is faithful and continues to follow God, the odds are in his favor. I hope that he does bear up under this pressure and saves himself for marriage. People need to see someone standing firm on their faith and do what God says even when people put a bounty on their integrity. The world needs to see more people bear up under temptation and scrutiny, who don’t cave to peer pressure and the lack of morals and values so prevalent in our country.

I’m praying for Tim Tebow. As someone trying to do the right thing in a world that only wants to see you fail, only wants the opportunity to prove to you that you aren’t any different than anyone else, I would love to see Tim succeed and God get the glory in this one.

That’s my two cents, anyway. Leave yours in the comments section