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I’ll be honest with you all, I didn’t have a plan or a methodology to how to accomplish this task. I know the kind of friendships that I want–ones in which I actually get to spend time with my friends, start a book club, watch movies, have girls’ nights, take a bunch of random pics, support each other’s dreams, catch up on life, double date, volunteer together, exercise together, be there as we all grow and change as people. I want that ” a friend sticketh closer than a brother” type of thing, ya know?

But how do you get there?

Well, my first step is to get connected IRL. I interact with most people online, and it’s a very lackluster, haphazard connection at best. We don’t support each other’s events or spend time together; we “like” and “retweet.” I can’t tell you the last time I had a telephone call or face to face conversation with a friend. Wait…

Today, I met up with a friend who had brought me some clothes (she was spring cleaning her closet), and it was my first time seeing her in FOREVER. We stood around talking and catching up on life–my “new” job, her participation in the Daniel’s fast, etc. It felt so good to just have a moment to catch up. I need to coordinate a lunch date with her so we can really catch up.

That’s one thing many of my current friendships are missing–real interaction. Even when I see people at church or at work, there isn’t a lot of real interaction. I use to invite people over to watch movies or play games or celebrate birthdays, but people didn’t really come over that much. I would invite them to join us out to eat, but they didn’t have the money. I got discouraged for a while, but I think I’ll start inviting people to hang out again.

I may also start to go to some meetings in the area that interest me. Maybe I can meet some people who I already know I have something in common with and really hit it off with them. I suppose if changing where you meet potential mates can change the caliber of people you meet, the same can be said for friendships.

I really don’t have all of the answers on this one. I could really use your help. How do you develop deeper friendships? How do you get rid of junk friendships?