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Personal Photo (aka grainy cell phone pic)

Once I had a dream that I was supposed to be speaking somewhere, but I couldn’t speak because I had a mouth full of feces…literal feces. It was packed in so tight I couldn’t breathe. I was literally shoveling feces out of my mouth. I can’t remember how it got there or anything, but that image has stuck with me. I can make a bunch of bad scatological jokes about eating feces, feces eating grins, shoveling feces, and being full of feces, but the reality is this dream was terrifying. Luckily, it’s not a recurring nightmare.

I find that I can put off thinking about a great many things during the day, but at night, my subconscious is quick to let me know that those things are still simmering beneath the surface. Things that bother you deeply have a way of continuing to come up until you deal with them.

One of my coworkers is going through a separation type situation with her husband. She decided that she needed a fresh start and would wipe out all of the old after all of this began happening, but not too long after she was hired, a new temp began working who knew her and her husband. She was instantly upset. Here was one more person she would have to tell, a person she knew would be sad to hear about the split and wanting to know what happened, a Christian person she felt would try to encourage her to try and get back with her husband. I told her when she explained why she was so upset about the new temp that you can’t just “start over” without ending the old like that; until you deal with things, they’re just going to keep cropping up. God is funny that way; He wants you to deal with things, to overcome them. How rude, right?

Yesterday was a softball; today, it’s time to dig deeper. What are your nightmares? What do you dread thinking about or being faced with? What is your greatest fear? Why do you think this thing bothers you so much? What would remove this fear from your life?

Don’t forget to post a new thing you like about yourself, your empowering song (or painting, or saying, etc) for the day and one thing for which you are grateful.