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Saturday, I was blessed to feel that connection with my writing where I was able to pick up where I left off; it was like I had never stopped writing. Sure, it’s a scrappy first draft, but it felt good to be excited about writing, to actually have a light bulb moment where it flowed easily.

On Monday mornings, I can have a different perspective. There are Monday mornings where it feels like I never left, but that’s not a good feeling. It feels like I haven’t had a weekend to rest and re-energize. It seems like I was just there yesterday, yet I have to remember what I was working on and why I wasn’t able to finish it. It feels like I’m pushing a boulder up a hill all week and I come back Monday to find the boulder at the bottom again.

So how is this motivating? It’s about perspective…and organization. I realize I can’t jam pack my weekend and feel rested and refreshed at my desk on Monday morning (i.e., I am getting old). I need to make sure I have enough rest Sunday evening. I need to make sure I have enough time Monday morning to prepare for work, whether that includes just breakfast and getting dressed or getting to wotk early enouhh to have tea while going over what I have to do for the day. It means, for me, choosing my morning music or having a moment to breathe before the phone starts ringing.

If Monday’s are a struggle for you because it’s hard to get back into the routine, taking a few minutes to catch yourself up with a cup of tea or coffee of a glass of juice or water before the day starts mag be just what you need to make it feel like you never left…in a good way.