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“I’mma let you finish, but Takes One to Know One is going to be the best relationship book for Christian women EVER!”

If you haven’t guessed from my Kanye West-like moment above, I have a working title for my book. There’s more to the title I’m using, but I’ll keep the subtitle to myself (aka I’m still working on it ;-)). One of the things that is recommended for a writer to do to help sell their book is to come up with a book proposal, and a book proposal requires that you read a few books already published in your genre and tell how your book is different. That’s sort of hard when there’s nothing new under the sun. One thing that my book has that no other book has, however, is me–my personal experiences of practical application of the things I want to convey. I haven’t read too many of the books that would be considered similar to mine yet, as I am still writing and don’t want to be too influenced. I’m making such great progress on the writing! I will begin sharing excerpts soon. (Note: I realize this isn’t all one paragraph, but I wanted to keep all book talk together so you can skip it if you want. :-))

If I ever wanted to convey anything that I’ve been learning throughout the past few months, it’s that preparation is key in any area in which you want to have success. In a secular sense, we understand this well. We prepare soldiers for battle and meat for cooking. We prepare for tests in school and try to mentally prepare for job reviews. Yet I find many are unprepared for some major transitions and decisions in their lives. Many don’t know what they want to do with their lives, where they want to live, or what to look for in a marriage partner. Maybe this is a product of our “if I don’t like it, I’ll just do something else” culture. There’s such an emphasis on exploration, and not enough thought to preparation.

I think that it’s interesting that God thought of and created everything before man. He thought of and created the place he would live, the things he would eat, and how that environment would be maintained. He even thought of how he would redeem man when he fell before the foundation of the world. Provision is such an important part of how we know God, yet personal preparation can get lost if we only focus on the secular world in which we live.

So much for deep thought. The past few weeks for me have been filled with busy-ness. I picked some music for my aunt for the family reunion. I have been driving Mr. P. around as his car has been in the shop this week. I’ve been deluged with projects at work. Of course, let’s not forget writing. So I have been very grateful for two occasions in which to just walk in the cooler part of the day in pretty areas and slow down.

There’s a lake close to me that I strolled along yesterday. It was gorgeous. The sun was starting to set, a few boats were on the water, the rest bobbing in the marinas. Few people were out. Benches and swings were set up  every so often to sit down. Many historical markers were strategically placed all around. The wind was just cool enough and frequent enough to make the walk pleasant. It was an Oasis in the day moment for sure. Have you all had any of those lately?

One of my favorite things about my daily routine the past few weeks has been wedding voyeurism. I LOVE feeling a part of people becoming wed. I like details in general, but it’s so fun to see someone happy and in love (I will leave my more serious observations for a later time). I watch all the shows and read some of the blogs (the ones I don’t have to put an engagement or wedding date into, LOL). So I was excited to share some of my “wisdom” with my friend that’s getting married in a few short months. Unlike me, she doesn’t seem to be having that great of a time planning; also unlike me, she’s actually planning a real wedding that will take place in January.

She said she hadn’t really researched much of it yet and was just looking at venues and things. She’s been engaged for maybe a month. I love that she took some time for herself and her fiancé before she dove headfirst into the craziness that’s wedding preparation. Hopefully that helps keep her from being a bridezilla later.

Life will be changing for me as well in a few short months. I will almost definitely be moving. I have altered my budget so that I will have some money saved by the end of the year (if I am relatively free of emergencies). My job duties are constantly changing, and I will have a pay review at the end of the year (and possibly another bonus). There’s the book that I HOPE will be done and ready to shop around at the end of the year. To top it all off, there’s that little relationship thing. So, January 2013 promises to be a time for some preparation to meet execution. It’s no wonder I am so busy right now preparing. I want to be able to enjoy, adjust, and possibly be disappointed for a bit before having to move right into the chaos. It’s all about preparation.