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On Tuesday, I had my mid-year performance review. This is the performance review that does not involve a pay review, just an opportunity to evaluate your performance and say whether or not you are on target with performance goals. This reminded me so much of Mr. Perfect’s State of Our Union discussions that I almost laughed after I left the review.

It’s essential that we all have the opportunity to review our performance in various areas of our lives, including our relationships. I look back over the years of my relationship and see so much growth and change in myself as a person. Definitely being in a relationship has caused me to notice and improve aspects of self that I wouldn’t have recognized needed improving without someone to point them out. Any type of relationship you have should push you to be better.

Mr. P and I haven’t really done a state of our union in a while. It’s about time for another one. If you need some help conducting one, stay tuned! I’ll share some tips/advice on preparing for and conducting one soon!