Yesterday was hat day at work. Everyone in the office was wearing a hat of some sort—a NY Yankees hat that lights up, a chicken hat, a teddy bear hat, a pimp hat, a crown, a leather biker hat, a Farmer Jack hat, an “I Dream of Jeanie” hat (with ponytail)—all that surprisingly fit the many personalities of the people wearing them. My boss was wearing a crown (of course), another manager wore her NY Yankees hat (of course) and I had on my Zeta hat. Once I sat down and really thought about it, it amazed how well most of the hats suited the wearers perfectly and brought out their character. It also made me think about the many hats we wear in our lives.

Although “wearing many different hats” is a hackneyed phrase, it’s a true sentiment. Many of us wear many different hats, some by nature and some by nurture. When I pulled my Zeta hat out of the back of my closet yesterday morning, I remembered when I bought it. I had just crossed a little while before and my Aunt Jacquie, took my mom and I to Alpha II Omega while we were in Chicago. Let me just say I bought or had my mom purchase almost everything I could find in that store, from T-shirts, to an umbrella, to house shoes to a small purse, to this hat.

I love this memory. My aunt Jacquie passed in 2010, after being involved in some of my most cherished memories. If I remember correctly, she found this hat that day. She certainly told us about the store and drove us there. It was a pleasant feeling to pull this hat out of the closet and smile a little as I turned it over in my hands while thinking about that day.  Out of all the hats that I physically wear, this is by far my favorite.

What is your favorite hat you wear, physical or otherwise?