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Happy Friday, Loves!

I know you all are either on political overload from both national conventions or on celebrity overload from the recent VMAs, so let’s keep this short and sweet, shall we?

  1. Why does it always seem like the short weeks are so much longer than your average week? I thought Friday would never get here. I had so much work just waiting for me when I went in Tuesday, I wanted to walk back out. I don’t know about for you, but Monday is the worst day for me to be out for any reason. That’s when I have the most to do all week. Blah
  2. I’m two weeks away from St. Augustine. My pre-trip got me so excited to go up there and take in all of the sights. It was so hard to save something for our actual trip. It just goes to show how even when you only intend to go so far, you can fall into doing more than you came to do. *hint hint clue clue* I cannot tease my anticipatory self in this way!
  3. Lately Mr. Perfect has been trying to express his feelings more. I couldn’t be more proud of him, y’all. Luckily, he hasn’t descended into radical honesty, so I can still deal with him. But the things he’s shared at church in Bible Study, actually saying no to a request at work and providing his reasoning when he normally would have just sucked it up and did it, and just the extra effort he is making to effectively communicate has been noticed and appreciated…at least by me.
  4. Here’s a blog exclusive: I am looking into getting some certifications and things for my job. I’ve always had the option of getting my adjuster’s license, but I don’t want to move in that direction. I like the legal department. I originally (a LONG time ago) wanted to be a lawyer, but my first love (writing) won out. I’ve been exploring, at the encouragement of a coworker, the possibility of getting a paralegal certification. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t be going to one of those places that advertise on TV but don’t look legitimate; I’ve been looking into my alma mater and two other schools here. I’m also interested in becoming a notary and talking to my boss about other possible certifications it may be good for me to have. These will give me tangible skills that I could use elsewhere as well. I don’t have any qualifications for my current job; I’ve just been trained there. I would like some designations that are accepted nationally industry wide, and even across industries. Besides, I think it’d be fun to have a string of letters behind my name. 😉
  5. Can I tell y’all how much I LOVE Tamia’s new album? I LOVE it! Even the songs I wasn’t sure about from the previews on Itunes I like. My favorites are “Lose My Mind”, “Him”, “Give Me You”, and “Love I’m Yours”. “Still Love You” has some of the most beautiful lyrics and background, with an arena rock and roll feel. There are few people whose albums I would buy on the strength of their name, and Tamia is definitely one of them. I know she is going to SING, the subjects are going to be classy and mature, and I’m going to enjoy it. (Others in this category include Vivian Green and Amel Larrieux)
  6. Speaking of music, my iPod died a few (long) weeks ago. I still can’t truly replace it, but I saw something that will at least work for my everyday needs for thirty dollars. It amazes me how cheap mp3 players have gotten. Thirty dollars for over 4gb of space w/ iTunes compatibility is pretty good. I will get another iPod, but it will tide me over.

No other news to share just yet. I won’t bore you with book talk. I’ll just say it’s going well and I’m pleased with the direction. I am rereading some great  Bible “stories” (I don’t like to use the word “stories” in relationship to things written in the Bible; it makes it sound fanciful) and getting so many new revelations from them. Scripture is so rich in that way; depending on where you are in life, what your looking for, and your experiences, you can see something new every time you look. Hopefully, I can write something that sticks with people for a little longer than it takes them to read the book. That’s my aim.

Well, time to get ready for work (for the last time this early!). Hope everyone has a great weekend!