OK, so maybe I never had sexy. Maybe I watched the Top 100 songs of the 00’s and grooved too hard to “SexyBack.” I can neither confirm nor deny either of these things, but I’ve been thinking this weekend that getting back to me is something I really need to do. Maybe it’s something that you need to do, too.

If you’ve been able to take a step back from the mad rush of life and really examine how things are going as I have recently, you may be dissatisfied with what you found. I know I was. I remember thinking that this isn’t what I thought my life would look like. I remember being certain that I had taken a few steps back in some areas, that some basic things weren’t getting done the way they used to get done. How am I supposed to move forward when I can’t get back to par?

Looking around at everything that I would have to do to get back to what I consider to be my optimums–health, lifestyle, etc.–I was overwhelmed. It seemed like a lot to do. It IS a lot to do. But what I had to realize is that I don’t have to do it all at once. I don’t have to run a whole marathon, I just have to take the first step today. So I wore my hair down yesterday.

Wearing my hair down may not seem like a big deal to you, and it wasn’t a big deal to 2006-2008 me, either. Whether it was going to the salon or having to do it myself, my hair was done at least every two weeks. It was healthy and well maintained. Today…not so much. I always seem to be too tired to deal with it, so it’s been in ponytail prison for months. Taking two-three hours (o_O) for myself early one morning a week to wash, condition, flat iron, and style my hair isn’t that impossible, and I feel a return of that sassy, confident feeling I have when I know my hair is “laid.” I wouldn’t say “long hair don’t care,” but it certainly has confidence and self-esteem, at least for me.

My apartment is a disaster area. I can’t possibly do all I need to do in one day while also going to work and everything else. But today I am doing laundry before I go in at 10am. Tomorrow, I’ll either do more laundry or pick a room and really clean it. By Friday, things should be neat, organized and clean.

Lastly, blogging and writing have taken a back seat for me, and I really want to have this book done and my website up and running by the end of the year. To that end, I went to Ritz Camera in the mall on Saturday. The sales clerk there, Tim, patiently went through the pros and cons of each camera as it relates to photos for blogging and social media. I now know exactly what camera I want to get, and I’ll be getting one before I jet off to St. Augustine. I’m also able to blog more before work. I pick out subjects and scriptures as well as read source material during my lunch break for the book. I know the name of the website and have picked out a layout and colors. I will buy the domain name and get started on the logo in the next few weeks.

The point is, I am doing a little at a time, just making one small step towards the type of life I want to have. We can’t do it all, but we can do something, no matter how small, towards are ultimate goals each day, each week, each month. After a while, you’ll be able to look back and where you used to be will be hard to see it’s so far behind you. You’ll look forward to where you want to be and find it’s so much closer than you realized. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and there’s no time like the present to take that step.

That’s my two cents, anyway. Leave yours in the comment section. What steps are you taking towards your dreams?