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The moment that I’ve dreaded, dreamed and even written about has arrived: I got a communicae from my high school class secretary to give an update for the alumni magazine about what I’ve been doing, an opportunity to share any exciting news. Being the writer that I am, I can come up with a very exciting, not untrue version of my life at this moment that goes something like this:

I currently work with the Director of Litigation and ADR in the legal department of an up and coming insurance company that insures coastal properties in the southeastern United States. I run an award winning blog, Indigo Moods, and am planning to release my first book early next year. On the personal front, I’ve been ring shopping with my boyfriend of nearly five years and am taking up scrapbooking.

There’s not one “untrue” statement in the above, but there are definitely some misleading statements in there. I do work with the Director of Litigation & ADR–as her assistant. True, I have the title “blah blah Coordinator,” but at this moment I’m a glorified assistant. I am looking into getting more legal background and being able to do more, but this is where I am now.

My blog has won an award–but it was the Lovely Blogger Award given to me by another blogger, not a “real” blogging award. I am writing a book and plan to publish next year, but it’s not like I have an agent, editor, and publisher in my speed dial.

That last statement–I have been ring shopping with Mr. Perfect, but we aren’t engaged. It was just a happenstance thing as we were wandering the mall one week. (Sidenote: I saw the most gorgeous ring at Beverly Hills Jewelers [hint #1] in the display outside the door [hint #2]. We could just see the tag on the sparkler, 34.99 [hint #3]. Well then it must be REALLY nice custom jewelry. I just had to know, because it looked real to me [hint #4–I liked it]. I inquire within. The sales lady informs me it’s a real, 4.5 carat diamond ring [hint #5] and that what looked like a period was a comma, as in $34,999.99! AAAAHH!!! If I weren’t the color of Hersheys, I would have been beet red as I hightailed it out of that store!)

I’m sure you see my dilemma here. I’m in an almost stage of life right now, a “going to” and “working on” stage in which my life looks sad compared to my fashion week covering, spokesmodeling, MTV’s first TJ classmate, or my  formerly signed to Motown classmate, or the one who discovered some scientific thing it would take me half the day to explain to myself, let alone all of you–and those are the people under me!

Don’t get me wrong; I like my life. I believe I am doing my best writing, I am finally on the right track careerwise, Mr. Perfect and I are working on our relationship and really trying to decide the next step for us, and the two of us have our heads together to create a fantastic website that will propel my blogging to another level. I don’t have anything to be ashamed of, especially given the setbacks I’ve faced, yet…I can’t help but feel a little inadequate.

So, help me feel better: How did your ten year (or five year or whatever year) reunion find you? Did you run into an old classmate at an embarrassing time?

BTW: I am going to use the above as my entry, with slight tweaking, because it’s true and it makes me sound FABULOUS!