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It didn’t escape my attention that rather than talking about all of the important things I could have talked about on September 11th, I chose to talk about a relatively lightweight personal identity crisis complaint. I didn’t have anything new or exciting to say about the day, so I didn’t say anything. Although I’m sure my readership wasn’t expecting me to wax philosophical about it, and I’m not exactly doing a bang up job of explaining any rationale behind my decision, I figured I should say something. Anyway…

I need the help of my loyal readership with a few blogging related things I’ve been thinking about lately, but first and foremost I need to tell you about some grown up playdates fun outings I’ve had this past weekend. I have a friend that is getting married who I rarely see anymore. This is not the dreaded “I’m-getting-married-and-you’re-still-a-single-loser” disappearing act that I’m used to, but a “busy with work, just bought a house, planning a wedding, and I’ve had the flu” disappearing act, so it can be forgiven. I saw her at church and we got to talking and it was so great to finally talk to a together friend again! Someone comparable in age, a professional person with an “I’m not in college anymore” job, intelligent, observes accepted social mores like not coming over empty-handed and still leaving with takeaway boxes, well put together, and doesn’t need me to pay for them all the time.

The funny thing is, even though we are on different tracks right now (I don’t own a home and I’m not planning a wedding), we could still talk about all of that and what IS going on with me and it wasn’t awkward at all. Why don’t other people get this? I was happy to see pictures of her new house and talk wedding details. It doesn’t make me envious or jealous. I want my friends to be happy and healthy and achieving. Anyway, back to the point. She said something that stuck with me: sometimes, we women just need a female friend to say things to, to set us straight and tell us how it is (in love), someone to bounce ideas off of and just be there for support. Yes!

In all of this talking, we decided to go out to a new-to-me soul food restaurant after church with our SOs and another (married) couple. The talk at the meal was…interesting. It’s funny how a table of people can carry one three separate conversations with three men sneaking long looks at the football games being shown before melding into one conversation and back out into two or three conversations without anyone feeling left out. We laughed and ate and talked for a while. Mr. Perfect felt that at times he had nothing to contribute to the conversation about kitchen appliances, home decor, and the importance of fire extinguishers, but I thought this was interesting to watch. I didn’t feel excluded because I didn’t have anything to say, which is big for me. I constantly draw on my extensive pools of knowledge in order to always have something to say so that I feel included. Major social interaction growth there.

I like having times like this, where I see my relationships changing, expanding to include all of the great things that are going on in my friends lives, especially when I see how well it suits them. This was our first time have any extended conversations with our friends fiancé, and Mr. Perfect and I both felt like we got to see more of who he was as a person and how well he fits with our friend. We can vibe with him. Another bonus.

How have your friendships changed or evolved? Have you lost close friends when your lives changed? How do you deal with changing friendship dynamics?

Now onto the things I need your help figuring out.

  • I am buying a digital camera (!!), so that I can start to put pictures on this blog and break up the wall of text, this Friday. I went into Ritz Cameras and found a really nice camera, the Fuji FinePix HS30EXR. Among the features of the camera is a manual lense (just the one, so I don’t have to change it like a DSLR and not motorized), a screen and Viewer (with some technology or other that allows me to use the screen to shoot or the view finder if I put my eye up to it), the ability to take panorama shots, face recognition of up to 10 faces for easy facebook tagging, some technical mumbo jumbo that means nothing to me, and 16 megapixels (I think). What all of this boils down to, for those that aren’t into cameras (like me before stepping a foot into Ritz) is that it is basically a really nice point and shoot with upgrades for better quality pictures and more room for exploration of the craft of photography. This little baby is close to $400 dollars though. That’s a big investment in a camera for me, whose priciest camera up to now was a $150 Kodak Easy Share (which I knocked off my nightstand and forever messed up the screen). Is this a good blogging camera? Help!
  • I want to share some excerpts of and facts about my book, but I don’t want to bore you guys to death about it if you aren’t interested. So I am debating having a separate site for just the book and book related deets. Is this the best route to go? Should I do a separate site, or just a separate page on this one? If I do the author/book site, what do I need to include? Help me!
  • I have an immense backlog of interviews with married folks, but I am wondering if I should post them here or on the possible new page/site. What do you guys think? Do you like seeing the interviews here?
  • I have been looking at some new crafting technology to begin to sell t-shirts and totes or things like that for my site/book, but I’m not a graphic designer. Getting designs would be no problem (Hello, brother 2blu is in college studying ART! and I DO have graphic designer friends), but some of the screen printing chemicals and terminology leads me to believe I should maybe just stick to a professional. I’ve really been inspired by some of the wedding blogs to get into paper crafts and making T-shirts and things, but I don’t know how hands on I can be when the equipment is talking bulbs, exposures, emulsion sheets, and the like. I can make stickers or cards, but this other stuff? Does anyone know anything about Gocco, Yudu, Cricut, or the like? Is it just easier (i.e. cheaper) to go with a professional on certain products in the long run? Help. Me.

I realize I’m asking for a lot this time, guys. Thank you to anyone who responds to ANYTHING in this post (and any of my ramblings).