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It’s been so long since I’ve done one of these, I almost don’t know what to do! Most of my time lately hasn’t exactly been “free,” so I haven’t been writing as much, but I’ve wanted to write many times. Work has picked up for me, I’ve been doing pre-marital counseling once a week, I’ve applied to school, and I’ve been writing or reading source material every spare moment I have. My days have been filled from my daily walk/jog until I fall asleep on the couch watching Investigation Discovery. Here’s what’s new and not so exciting with me:

  • My five year anniversary was this Wednesday. We didn’t have time to do anything to celebrate Wednesday, as we both went straight from work to church and didn’t leave there until after nine thirty, but hopefully we can do something nice this weekend. Of course, we are going to New Orleans next weekend, which is a great way to celebrate!
  • My car will be paid off by Monday or Tuesday!! I am so excited at the prospect of not having to send that payment in every month. I am praying that the car will still keep going and need as little work as possible for a year or two so I can at least get to taste a little bit of savings. The next debt up for repayment will be the student loans (eeek!)
  • I’ve been preoccupied with writing what will be the seminal chapter of my book, the Adam & Eve chapter. This chapter will introduce nearly every topic that will be developed later. Needless to say, trying to get it perfect has consumed a lot of my writing time (hence why I’ve been so silent here). I’ve decided to break the book up into three sections: Preparation, Purpose, and Purity. I’ve done extensive work in preparation and some writing in purity, but I haven’t done as much work on the Purpose section. I say all of this to say that the writing is going well. I’m not going to end up with the book I thought I would, but this one is going to be better; promise.
  • I’ve been reading Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship by Josh Harris, and it is GOOD! By the same author who wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye, this book focuses on courtship and how to move from friends to married couple. So far I like the stories used as practical examples (except that ill advised reimagining of Adam & Eve at the beginning) and the principles given. It’s WAY different than my book, but it’s a good read. 😀
  • I’ve been a little obsessed with Miguel’s “Adorn” and “Lovin’ Me” from the R&B Divas album! I listened to a CD with those two songs on it on repeat for a couple weeks;
  • however, it was supplanted by a sermon Bro. Drummer preached, “Following the Footsteps of Faith,” that everyone needs to hear. I mean, this sermon is awesome. One of my favorite concepts from this sermon is that you cannot expect the blessings of God if you are not where He told you to go. Brother Drummer used the following illustration: if someone tells you to meet them in Tampa and they will pay all of your bills for a year, you wouldn’t pull over at a rest stop in St. Petersburg and wait for them. You wouldn’t say “St. Pete is close enough. If he could pay my bills if I come to Tampa, why can’t he do it in St. Pete?” It’s amazing what principles we understand in secular things that we can’t seem to translate to spiritual terms. Get out of Harran!
  • Speaking of Brother Drummer, our counseling has come to the point of talking about the different relationships in marriage. We’ve talked about the covenant and contractual aspects; now it’s time to talk about the ceremonial and conjugal aspects (or as like to say as our code word “conjugating verbs”). According to Bro. D., we are getting to the interesting or fun stuff; I’ll let you know how that goes in a personal blog post.
  • I’ve got a list a mile long of things I want for Christmas, etc. I have picked out everyone else’s gifts, but I am indecisive about what I REALLY want. I want a new iPod (mine broke a while ago), a laptop (which I should have had long ago; I only own a desktop), a long list of songs and books I want to buy, a new bed, some spin shoes, a membership to the spin/yoga studio that just opened up, etc. Even though I feel like paying off my car is the best Christmas gift I could receive (thanks Mom! You’re the best!), I want to get myself something that moves me toward publishing my own website, developing my author platform, and getting some books published. But then, I really want to cut down my list of music related goodness to bless myself with. Decisions, Decisions.
  • I’m bringing back “We’re Just Links” to promote other blogs, so if you know of any great blogs, please tell me about them and leave a link.

But enough about me, loves, what are you doing/thinking/ this week? Have you got Christmas all squared away? Have you kept any resolutions you’re especially proud of? Do you want to get me iTunes gift cards and a domain name for Christmas? Feel free to leave some love in the comments section!