1. Finally getting an iPhone. The sound quality is good, everything I use works, and it is integrated w/ iTunes so I don’t have to worry about where to put files when my phone gets full.

2. Getting registered for my first class on the road to being a certified paralegal. Even though I already am a legal assistant to the vp of the legal department, a certification will ensure I can get a comparable or better position if I have to leave my darling job…or justify a great raise.

3. Blackhead clearing scrub. I have been using a blackhead clearing scrub, astringent, and moisturizer this year, and my pesky problem areas are clearing up. My pores thank me.

4. Contacting a possible editor for my book. I was able to give myself a deadline to have the book finished, locate some earlier pieces I want to incorporate, and take an honest look at how far I have to go.

5. Reading my first chapter allowed to Mr. Perfect and hearing his feedback. Reading aloud to someone really helps you identify mistakes, make sure things flow, and really start to see the work as a reader. Mr. Perfect thinks it flows well and transitions smoothly in most places.


I’ve found many savory moments to enjoy so far this year. Hopefully there are many more to come.