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There have been a number of savory moments since I last wrote. My last post, while a hard one, really allowed me to think about those that I’ve lost and remember all of those sweet moments in which they impacted my life. I can savor those memories anytime I want.

Another savory moment happened a while ago and I was so in the moment I never wrote about it! After my car accident, I was feeling a little down (or a lot down for me). I just couldn’t shake that funk (until this post). At that time, Mr. Perfect had asked me why I wasn’t my usual happy self. I didn’t really have an answer; I just felt maudlin. So one day he hugs me, puts his chin on top of my head, and says “I’ll be happy for you.” Aww! Doesn’t that make your heart melt? No? Well, it made mine melt, especially as Mr. Perfect is Captain Pessimist Realist. What’s more is he proceeded to make me laugh like nobody’s business with his antics and observations on TV shows. I love that moment. ❤

I made a new dish, something that I LOVE getting at restaurants but never attempted to make myself. I googled recipes for almond crusted tilapia and lemon butter sauce. I got to cook with a few new things (like Olive Oil–look at me going healthy; hello cooking wine–the only alcohol in my kitchen) and discovered I needed to step my kitchen utensil game up (how do I call myself a cook with no whisk?!). The fish turned out delicious even with a few healthy substitutions. I enjoyed learning something new. Go me!

The past few days, Mr. Perfect and I have kicked around some names for my book. I know what I said it was going to be called (It Takes One to Know One: Preparation, Patience & Purity for the Godly wife (Want) To Be–Longest title ever), but I couldn’t find a domain name around that title that wasn’t taken. I have been trying for a long time to come up with a website to combine all of my blogs, showcase my books, and house all of my creative pursuits under one banner, and It Takes One to Know One just wasn’t it. It would have worked for what I was doing in this book, but it didn’t summarize all that I was doing. After coming up with name after name that didn’t fit, I think I may have finally came up with one that fits both the blogs and the book. The funny thing is, it’s not a new idea to me at all. When I reread it, I thought “Look at God! This has been under my nose for a LONG time. Why didn’t I think of it before?–Well, I did think of it before, but I know what I mean!” After some domain name searching, I found out it is available. It lends itself to further book opportunities as well. I can’t wait to share it with you all! As soon as I buy the domain name and get Mr. Perfect started on the site, I will let you know what I’ve decided on. Stay tuned!

I have another wedding to go to this weekend. I’m so excited for this girl! We have been friends since fall of 2007 when I came to Orlando. I’ve seen her give her all in relationships and end up hurt. I’ve seen how hard she works. I’ve seen the growth in her as an individual. Now I get to see her get married! My second wedding in 4 weeks, and I’m so excited. Hopefully my inner paparazzi amateur professional photographer doesn’t come out too much this time. I can’t believe I’ll be buying my 3rd wedding card at the Hallmark store in the mall in a space of a few months. I should get like a frequent buyer discount!

I’m still praying for a speedy resolution to this car accident fallout. I know that once the claim portions are done, I’ll have to find a decent car and get back on my feet, but at least it will be well on the way to being resolved. I’ve been overwhelmed with everyone’s care and concern, but I’m trusting God that this will turn out to be in my favor. Even though it has changed my plans, this time in my life has revealed a few things I was overlooking in the rush from point A to point B that I really didn’t want to miss. I’m going to let patience have her perfect work in me. Maybe someone will see that and want to know about the God I serve. That will be such a sweet moment to share.

What savory moments have you had recently?