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It’s been a long time; I should have left you…without a dope beat to step to. Step to, step to, step to. Step to, step to *insert djing noises here* Note: Everytime I say it’s been a long time, just know the intro to Aaliyah’s “Try Again” plays in my head.

Hi, everyone! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted here. I’ve been so busy establishing the brand of the new site, The Season for Getting Serious, being buried under work, and working on bringing some cool new things to ALL the blogs, that I haven’t had a chance to actually write a post. We won’t even mention the craziness that is writing this book right now. Many of the things I’ve been working on are starting to bear a little fruit, but I promised myself not to share until they were ready. Can’t you feel my desire to just put it out there, though? I hate keeping good news to myself! But it’s only for a teenie weenie while longer.

On to stuff I can talk about. The website is doing well! I’ve had 50 likes on 14 posts after only a month (I celebrated one month since I bought the domain on yesterday)! I hope to build on this start in the future. For those of you from this blog who have been over to support the website, thank you so much. I love you guys!

What else can I talk about? I used some of the money from my collision claim to begin transitioning my apartment to more of an adult home. I bought a media stand and a TV stand, an iron (my iron from college finally died) and a vaccuum. If we’re being completely honest, I also bought an iPod and some blu rays, too. I’ve not disappeared into purely responsible adulthood. I am waiting on the last pay out for the collision claim, which isn’t a big check like the other one, but will cover my first car payment. I also have to deal with the underinsured motorist portion of the claim, but the PIP is finished.

Speaking of the car, the good news continues with my car. My car insurance dropped. It is lower than it was when I lowered the coverages, only about $10 more than when I lowered it to basic coverages for the month I was out of a car. The quote I had on the first car I looked at was $50 more per month! This car is all around the better deal.

Oh, there is one new blog-related thing I can share with you. I will be reviewing books again! I can’t share the details, but just know, this girl has some recommendations and reservations to share with you, book wise.

Well, my boss is back from a vacation, which means my workload has decreased in some areas and increased in others at the same time. I have to get fly and get out the door. I’ll be in touch more often, and hopefully, I will have more good news to share with you soon!

How’s life been for you?