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Some of you may remember that time when I wanted to get back into running a couple of years ago. I followed every running blog I could find to get tips and motivation. While that didn’t work out how I planned, I definitely kept some of those bloggers in my reader, and followed a few on their journey to liking (and eventually loving) running. Most of the runners that I followed hold the Boston Marathon in high esteem. It is their pinnacle of running achievement. Several had been trying to BQ (get a time that qualified them for the Boston Marathon) for years, while others who BQ’d  obsessively refreshed in an attempt to get a spot in the race. A couple of bloggers I follow live in or near Boston and have written about how Boston shuts down for the marathon, how everyone goes to the race to cheer on the runners. Runners say that Boston has the best cheering sections of any race they’ve ever been to. It only elevates the sense of tragedy to know that something that so many worked so hard to achieve, an experience that can be that once in a lifetime moment for so many, could be so marred.

How many people were there breathing in the sites and sounds, trying to savor each and every moment, being awed and inspired, only to find themselves in the middle of a chaotic scene that should only exist in movies? While I could be philosophical or say I’m sending up prayers just to join a conversation about something that is completely abstract to me, my resolution to savor more this year immediately turned my mind to the things that I knew to be happening before the bombing. I will be praying for those affected by the events in Boston, but I would do that anyway. I am choosing to focus on the good things that I’ve seen and heard that have come to light, and those who I know through blogging and in real life who have checked in and let me know they are safe.

I realized I hadn’t done a savory moments post in a while, and today seemed like the day to remedy that situation.

  • On Saturday, I decided to try out the 5K distance before the race on the 21st. Even though I only made it about 2.5 miles, I was very happy with my progress. I run on a one mile trail loop in a park, which consists of shells, sand, and a few random tree roots and dips. Somewhere into the second mile, I tweaked my ankle, which is why I didn’t finish. How is this savory? I ran through my initial discomfort and got over the little baby wall of resistance to running more than a mile. Since I have been hydrating better, I did not have those awful leg cramps when I would stop running. Oh, and I forgot my headphones. Instead of zoning out, I was present for every step, checking my breathing, correcting my form, listening to my body. I heard birds and the rhythm of my footfalls. I felt the sun on my shoulders. And just when I thought I would take a little rest, I was blessed to feel a cool breeze that made it possible to continue (multiple times).
  • I am thisclose to revealing my new header and the logo for A Serious Season. I’ve been working with a graphic designer to design a custom header for the site and logo for future endeavors (such as the book!), and they are almost ready. I love how the designer (to be named in a post dedicated to the redesign) took my vision and improved upon it. I think the header will set just the right tone for the site.
  • I’m down three pounds! I cut out soda just before Easter, and even gave up pasta for two weeks (I’ve fallen off the wagon this past week on that one), which had a little to do with the weight loss. I have added a protein drink for breakfast to get some essential nutrients in and keep me from the tasty treats in the office before lunch. I usually don’t eat breakfast, so grabbing a drink before I leave in the morning feels a gap in my eating schedule (aka, I’m not ravenous by lunchtime). I didn’t get much exercise in during the week I lost three pounds, so I am excited to see the results with exercise thrown in, not just diet changes.
  • I previewed Getting Serious About Who You Are in Christ to the ladies in the women’s Bible class the last two Sundays, and it was a success. I received good feedback that identified a couple of things I needed to work on (superfluous hand gestures like whoa!). Everyone was engaged and really liked the material. I also got to see what areas I could go off script on and which I wasn’t as comfortable with, so I can highlight my points for the PowerPoint. Some of the women have even inquired about going with me to the seminar in support. I am usually a grade a pantser, but I have loved preparing for this speaking engagement. I’ll try to get audio and/or video from the seminar May 18th to share with the blogging community.
  • I still have money on my Amazon gift card.
  • I am becoming more proficient with using my laptop.
  • I get to donate some money to a worthy cause!
  • I filed my taxes on time for free with little hassle.
  • I won Bible trivia at our game night at church. I also made some kick butt meatballs for the occasion, and was gratified to see one of the elders headed back for seconds, mumbling about getting some more of those meatballs.
  • I made a new dish for dinner last week, and Mr. Perfect tweeted that my meal “killed the game.” Talk about an endorsement!
  • It’s the middle of the month and my big once a month work project is DONE! Who’s the woman? I’m the woman!
  • I started back writing the book, and I can’t wait until you all get a chance to read it. I really believe it’s going to bless some women. Yay for being back on track.

What savory moments have you experienced recently? What are you excited about?