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I have been writing on the book again! I didn’t get inspired or anything, I just decided to put down some of the thoughts I’ve been rolling around in my head. I also had a lively discussion with my minister’s wife about Leah and Rachel that led to me landing an interview with her one of these Saturdays. So there are some positives on the book front, after all.

I requested several books from Net Galley. At first, I got rejected for just about everything I chose. Now, I’m being flooded with approvals. This is what I get for over requesting. I can’t say I’m sad about it, though. I love reading and reviewing. I will have to finish one, review and pick up another one right away, but I like being busy and having firm deadlines will keep me reading something each month. I’ve made diverse choices in reading material, from a book on being a submissive wife, to a book on C-Sections, to a book about Richard Pryor (that I hope will be approved), so there isn’t much chance of me getting bored. I’m 96% done with the next book up for review, and I can’t wait to share my review with you all. I hope you like reading them.

I’ve been watching some new TV shows on Netflix and want to bring back my TV on DVD blogs that I used to do on 2blu2btru’s Reviews. In my list of to be added shows are Supernatural, Life, Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, The Alphas (or something like that), and more. Speaking of Netflix, I watched a few movies that have been languishing in my Netflix queue for a while over the long holiday weekend. Mr. Perfect and I watched Spirit Lost and regretted almost every minute of it. For whatever reason, when I begin a movie, I have to see it through to the bitter end. I think I’ve stopped watching three movies in my life. I’m the same with books. As much as I wanted to stop watching this BET feature, I was determined to see it through. The movie is the story of a man that quits his job at an advertising firm to be a painter. His wife sells her business and they move to a tropical island where he can spend most of his time preparing for his own show at a gallery that is interested in his work. The wife wants to have children and he is ambivalent to the idea. She gets pregnant shortly after moving into the house (yay!) but the spirit of a jilted woman haunts the house and seeks to steal her husband (boo!). I only wish the movie played out as interestingly as that description sounds, but it didn’t. I expected more from the cast, many of which shine in other roles. The movie wasn’t worth a full review.

I also watched Andy Griffith’s last movie, Playing the Game. I loved this movie. It’s a romantic comedy (of course) in which a guy tries to help his Grandfather keep his promise to his dearly departed wife to find love again. The grandson is a bit of a player (for the past few years; before that, not so much) and teaches his grandfather how to be a player at his retirement community. Watching Andy Griffith attempting to put into practice some of his grandson’s advice was hilarious. I loved how the grandfather’s search for companionship played out parallel to his grandson’s attempts to nab the one girl who doesn’t seem to be falling for his tricks. If you’re a girl who likes romantic comedies, you should give this one a try.

Lastly, we watched The Stuff (1985). My stepdad owned this movie on VHS and I saw it as a kid, but hadn’t seen it in a while. I think this movie is why I don’t eat yogurt to this day (even though The Stuff is  not yogurt or ice cream). This movie is a cult classic. There are so many things wrong with this movie’s plot and story telling, but no one cares because it’s campy fun.  The Stuff is a movie about a desert craze that is sweeping the nation. A man walking along on a winter night stumbles upon a white substance bubbling up out of the ground and decides to taste it (eww). To his surprise, this substance tastes really good. He and his business partner decide to sell The Stuff. Somehow The Stuff gets past the FDA and benefits from a great marketing campaign. Soon it becomes more popular than ice cream. An ice cream company hires “Mo” Rutherford, a corporate saboteur, to find out the secret behind The Stuff’s success. Meanwhile, a young boy notices that The Stuff moves on its own, and people begin to become addicted to The Stuff. But what exactly is it? This is campy 80s horror at its best, written and directed by Larry Cohen.

Yesterday, I got to spent time with several families from our church at a Memorial Day meal at the home of one family. We had a great fellowship, good food, and a wonderful time. This is where I got into the discussion about Rachel and Leah. We also got to catch up with members who have recently moved and become a part of other congregations. We had a great time.

An update: I finally finished the book I was reading, and will begin on my review of it after I have some dinner.

What did you do with your three day weekend?