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I went back to Michigan for my 10 year high school reunion, and I had a great time. I am working on the posts of the trip’s happenings and going through the iPhone and camera to pick the best photos, but it’s a slower process than I would like. I met several people I remembered well from high school and was able to catch up on their lives since then. I will say a couple of things about the experience:

1. I was so glad that I didn’t do anything “special” and just went as myself. It was freeing to look like my normal self, without slathering on make up or getting my hair done at a fancy salon, or waxing down my trademark brows. I didn’t do Insanity in order to get in shape for the reunion, nor did I try to make my job sound more important or interesting than it is. I was myself, and I was glad I didn’t have to pretend to be someone I wasn’t, even for a moment.

2. It was comforting to know that I wasn’t the only one who went through a rough patch. Many didn’t go to our five year reunion because they were a year out of school and either unemployed or underemployed. My writer friend was unemployed when she began writing to keep her mind and typing up while job hunting. We have all been there, some worse than others, but we survived and are thriving now. It’s not over until it’s over. My struggles weren’t exactly the same as theirs, but we all had them. I am so thankful to them for being able to admit them and make me feel less alone.

I went back to work yesterday and felt like I had been hit by a truck as I slogged through my shift. God must have seen my struggle and heard my cry, because the system went down for over two hours and I got an opportunity to rest a bit.

I am nearly halfway through with the reader copy of Terry McMillan’s Who Asked You?, and I have some initial impressions of the work, but I’m going to reserve most of them for the review. I will say that I like that the reader gets to experience the story from multiple characters’ viewpoints, though I could probably do without being in the heads of some of them. I still have to write my review of Waking Up in Vegas (maybe today). I haven’t decided which of the myriad books I will read next, but I am thinking about the Richard Pryor biography, Furious Cool.

I wrote my wrapping up the month posts for April and May and posted them to The Season for Getting Serious. The word of the month for April was revision. The word of the month for May was planting. The word of the month posts seem to fit better with the purpose of The Season for Getting Serious.

I’m in the process of updating The Season for Getting Serious with blogs from my time on DearDiary.net. I will still have to integrate posts from my-diary.org, opendiary.com, and my MySpace blog, all of which are extensive, as well as from diaryland.com and Xanga. I have come to accept that I have forever lost all of my entries on both of my MyDearDiary.com diaries, as I have never been contacted and informed that they recovered either diary from when they crashed. *le Sigh* The integration is going well, but is a slow process. I need a few Saturdays and evenings to really get it done, but between reading, reviews, and trying to get some writing finished, I don’t know how I will carve out a huge block of time to finish this. I have been working on it a couple of hours in the morning on the days I go in later. You can now read posts as far back as May 2003 from a few select blogs. More will be forthcoming.

I am also considering activating the Jetpack feature on The Season for Getting Serious, which appears to make the site more integrated with the WordPress.com community. I’m hoping that activating this will allow you to follow the site through the WordPress reader, like posts, and do all the things you love to do on this site, as well as becoming a registered user, receive newsletters, and connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. If anyone has used the Jetpack feature, please leave a comment with your experiences.

I sometimes wish I could just pay someone to brand, optimize, and market the site, along with all of the technical work, but doing it myself makes me feel like this is so much more mine. Even though it gets tedious proofreading, revising, adding pictures and titles to entries, consolidating categories and rearranging the layout, I have to admit that I am enjoying being able to figure things out for myself. I’m also enjoying seeing the fruits of those editing sessions.

I will continue to update this site with all of the day to day happenings of my life, and any interesting relationship things that catch my attention, until my website is completely functional and designed as I want it.

What steps have you taken towards achieving your dreams this month?