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I tend to get tunnel vision when I’m focused on achieving goals. When I set my mind to doing something, everything else fades to the background in my singular pursuit. This happened again recently with my writing.

I make it a point to sit down each morning and get the words on the paper. I spend every spare moment writing down a new idea, often to the exclusion of other things. It’s harder for me to balance things when I’m trying to achieve something than it is when I’m winging it. After “winning” NaNoWriMo on Tuesday, I wrote again on Wednesday morning (but a much smaller word count), then put down the pen on Thursday and yesterday to do something else that’s pretty important–spend time with Mr. Perfect.

Mr. Perfect has been a good sport and supported all of my writing goals–he’s even read one of my romances–while I have been an inattentive girlfriend. I made a conscious effort to ask about his day and what he’s interested in, but I knew I wasn’t doing as much as I should have been doing to stay connected to him while pursuing publishing world domination.

We decided to celebrate Thanksgiving together this year. We started the day off with breakfast from McDonald’s–one of the ONLY things open–before I bought and dropped off my contribution to a service project my church group is doing at the Ronald McDonald house. We kicked around the idea of going shopping at the early Black Friday sales that evening. Mr. Perfect wanted to upgrade to a flat screen TV. We decided to just do it. I drove by Best Buy and there was already a small line, so we swung through a nearby McDonald’s drive-through (again) and waited in line for the store to open, from 3:30pm to 6:00pm, collecting coveted Doorbuster tickets for his TV and a Kindle fire for me. Despite the long lines, everything was fairly organized and everyone seemed to be good sports about the lines. There wasn’t any pushing, shoving, or trampling–the things I fear about Black Friday shopping.

When we got to the TV loading zone, we realized the TV box was too long to fit into my car and we didn’t have any bungy cords to tie the hatch down. Running across to the Wal-Mart next door and buying some wasn’t an option, as pandemonium had ensued there. Luckily, I’ve dealt with this before. I crept to an out-of-the-way parking spot, took the TV out of its box and slid it into the car, breaking down the box and driving back with no problems.

After dropping off the TV, we went in search of some food that was NOT McDonald’s, finding an open Denny’s and bringing back two orders of hearty spaghetti to eat in front of the new TV.

Yesterday, we went to Starbucks early and watched a movie on Mr. Perfect’s new big screen before going to get new tires. We rummaged through a resale shop and a calmer Wal-Mart before lunch, after which we walked around Crane’s Roost and ate ice cream. There were more movies on the big screen, then I FINALLY made the Thanksgiving dinner we pushed back to participate in the shopping madness. The meal was simple and delicious.

Today, we are off on new adventures that will take us out of town. I may write a few reviews or read through my NaNoWriMo novel for fun–without my editor boots on–but most importantly, Mr. Perfect and I will get a chance to talk, explore, and enjoy each other’s company without our attention being split between each other, our responsibilities and dream-chasing work.

How was your Thanksgiving/Black Friday? Did you get to spend time with loved ones and get something you really treasure?