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I’ve been a very busy bee this month. I’ve moved book reviews to my writing/reading website, Copywrite1985.com, and posted two reviews last week alone. Since I finally bought the domain, I decided to do a bit of redesigning, as well as reaching out to publishers and book blog tour coordinators to bring a little bit more to the site. I still have a long way to go, but I think it looks a lot better so far.

In continuing with the writing theme, I also went to my first meeting of the local RWA affiliate (second was yesterday), went to the Harlequin Love Inspired luncheon, entered Cupid’s Lit Connection’s Blind Speed Dating Contest to catch the eyes of some agents (hopefully–I have to get past the bouncers first), and started on the follow up to my NaNoWriMo novel. Go me! Check out Copywrite1985.com if you want to know more about my writing related endeavors.

In the non-writing related arena, you all know I’ve decided that my word of the year is submission. Hopefully the January posts on the subject have given you guys a bit of insight into what I’m studying. This month (or however long it takes me), I’m going to be reading the book of Numbers. I studied in Matthew about the Devil tempting Christ, and found that the verses Christ used to respond to the Devil came from Deuteronomy and were instructions to the Israelites in the wilderness before they were to enter Canaan. I was fiddling around with the concept of the wilderness for a memoir I’m doing, so I wanted to see more of their time in the wilderness and settled upon Numbers (more stories than a swift look at Deuteronomy revealed; Deuteronomy seemed more focused on instruction. I will look at that book next). I’m continuing with the submission study as well.

I’ve been buying groceries and eating at home during this paycheck. I have saved a bit of money doing this and I hope to continue. It’s nice knowing what is in each morsel going into my mouth and being able to make my food to order without any hassle or misunderstandings. I still haven’t done the bulk of the cleaning I wanted to do, but I’m working on it a little at a time. I’m developing routines. The bedtime routine needs a lot of work (I still end up falling asleep in front of the TV more nights than I would like), but my habits are improving. I rated a zero on the exercise scale (and a much weightier number on the actual scale), but it’s a new month with new possibilities.

So what do I have as goals for the month of February? I’m joining the National RWA and my local chapter. I should know if I made the agent round and if I get any requests from Blind Speed Dating by the end of the month. If I don’t get any bites, I’ll start submitting my NaNoWriMo novel around. I will decide whether or not to submit to Touch of Magic. I’ll continue teasing out the idea for a story I had driving to CFRW yesterday. I will exercise at least twice a week (gotta start small). I will wash ever item of clothing I own. I’ll spend a Saturday or two cleaning and organizing. I will establish a bedtime/bedtime routine and stick to it. I will buy groceries and cook at home more. I will be consistent in prayer and bible study. I’ll try not to take on too many book reviews and chapter swaps. I’ll post here at least once a week.

Those are the goals, anyway. It remains to be seen how many I’ll reach.

How was your January? What do you plan to do in February?