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This month, I’ll turn 29. Where has the decade gone?! Whenever it gets close to my birthday, my natural tendency to be introspective turns up a notch. I start to evaluate how the previous year had gone and decide what I want to accomplish in the next. My birthday, not New Year’s Day, is where the year starts for me. So this is a season of introspection and deep thought for me.

Y’all, I am so excited that Valentine’s Day marks the official end of the unofficial proposal season. That may sound strange coming from me, hopeless romantic and proponent of love that I am, but it’s true. I have really struggled the last couple (or few…our four) proposal and wedding seasons. I’m happy to like all your posts and attend all your weddings, but my own lack of progress in this area has really weighed me down. So I’ve taken time away from delving deep into the subject of relationships and stop following the blogs, TV shows, Instagram posts, etc. I’ve had a lot of downtime to pull away and think about what it is I want and need from my relationship, but the main purpose was to do something else, to think about something else. I can honestly save I’ve not only loved not being bombarded with others happily ever afters, but I’ve accomplished a lot toward other dreams I have.

Since October, I’ve done so much toward my goal of becoming a published author that it feels like it should have been a much longer period of time. This month, in honor of the new beginning my birthday symbolizes, I’m submitting my writing. I’m not sure if I will get a bite from an agent through Blind Speed Dating, or send directly to publishers afterwards, but someone besides my coworker, crit partners & Mr. Perfect will be reading my writing.

Reviewing has been going well, both for myself and for Harlequin Junkie. I love giving my opinion on the latest books and can’t wait to move forward with bringing my plans of publishing my own work to the masses. I want to thank so many of you for following my progress with writing and reviewing, and believing in me. I can’t wait to releases book worthy of your wait.

I have to get back to work, but I’ll write more reflections, and more themed posts, as the month wears on.