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Posts here have been severely lacking. I would love to say it was because I’ve been putting a colossal amount of words into my Works in Progress (WIPs), particularly my Christian relationship book that I’ve been working on forever, but that’s not really the case. Sigh. I’ve been reading through what I have, though, and figuring out where the holes are that I need to fill in within the chapters I’ve yet to finish. I know what I have to finish. That’s progress.

I sent off the revised first four or five chapters of Pleasure’s Payne to my critique partners to some positive feedback. I’ve loved this story for years, so I was pleased that others love it as well. Now I just have to finish the story. Yet another sigh.

On to non-writing related things? Well, not much to report there. Mr. Perfect and I went to lunch and dinner on Sunday with friends. I enjoyed having girl time to go shopping and play with makeup while Mr. Perfect and my friend’s husband watched the game. It’s been a while since I’ve gone out and done girly things like that. It was so much fun. I came home with a new dress, necklace, makeup and a little poorer.

I’ve been feeling a need to pull away from social media. I think it would help to refocus my energy on getting some of the stories I’ve been working on out into the world, along with freeing up my time to do a few other things I wanted to do. I still have a bunch of posts I need to do here and on my other sites, though–reviews, etc. I’m going to schedule those tonight and spend the next two weeks or so fasting from social media (starting tomorrow–gulp!) You will still be able to email me; I have to check my email (I’m waiting on thing. Exciting things. Things I can’t tell you about). Drop me a line at mz [dot] zeyzey2 [at] gmail [dot] com. But I will not be on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook (though you will see my blog posts posting to those sites during that time as they post automatically).

I can’t wait to come back recharged with so much more to say about my word of the year (submission), news on my WIPs that is better than “I ain’t wrote nothin’,” and some clarity on some things that I need clarity on. Maybe some other things–we’ll see.

What are you needing to pull away from lately? What are you doing with your time?