At nearly 32, I’ve done approximately half of the things on this list.

1. I want to write and publish another book. I wrote and published The Season for Getting Serious at 31 and four months, but I did it.

2. I want to take more vacations. I’ve taken a lot of trips, but they’ve been to sell books and attend conferences. So…sorta??

3. I want to speak at least once at a conference. I spoke at a ladies day (twice) and a workshop. I haven’t been a keynote speaker, which is what I was going for, but I can live with that.

4. I want to open an online shop for my books and other accessories. I opened my online shop, Serious Season Press, through Square in July, and I’ve fulfilled some orders!

5. I want to develop a class based on Altered before the Altar. I developed a schedule and an outline…and nobody signed up and I chickened out. But I’m doing it in 2017. I’m going to record videos, start a closed Facebook group, and dedicate a section of the Altered before the Altar site to the class. So excited!!

6. I want to publish a fiction book. I still haven’t done this…but I will.

7. I want to turn my living space into a home. Um…I don’t really know where I’ll be living come March (again with March moving. Why?!), and with everything feeling so transitory and temporary, I haven’t done this. But I should, shouldn’t I?

8. I want to create a dedicated writing/office space in my home. See #7

9. I want to lose 25 pounds.–Well, no. But good news is I have been eating better and exercising. I see changes. And I’m making changes and celebrating the little by little. The best part is it’s for me, not anyone else. 😀

10. I want to break a certain pay threshold (Yes, I have a number in mind; no I’m not telling). Good news: I broke it! Bad news: I don’t have that job anymore. Also good news: I don’t have that job anymore.

11. Sell the next hundred (100) copies of Altered before the Altar.  Done and done! And in one calendar year (2016). Thank you all for supporting this work.

12. Go to at least 3 more conferences. In 2016 alone, I went to the Ladies Conference in Brunswick, the National Ladies Lectureship in Alabama, The National Singles Seminar in Orlando, and the Christian Acappella Music Awards, along with several song fests, ladies’ days, and an All White Ladies Night.

13. Learn to create my own book covers. Not only did I learn how, I created my own covers for three projects. I am still a beginner and haven’t done anything overly complicated with my covers, but I took my own pictures, designed my own layout, choose my own colors and fonts, and got it uploaded successfully.

14. Lead a class on self-publishing. I’ve spoken about this at two different events, and one of them was actually a workshop/class. I want to offer a class where people have a chance to do more hands on things with publishing, but I’m counting this as a win.

15. Start offering proofreading services. I am offering proofreading services now. You can email me at inquiries[at]aseriousseason[dot]com for a quote for your project.

16. Start a book club. I’ve been trying, but everyone’s schedule isn’t cooperating. We shall see what happens.

17. Register as a business. I sorta did…then I moved to a different county. I need to do so much updating of this and get a business account and all the things. 2017. I’m doing it.

18. Shoot at least one Youtube video. I shot one. It’s posted. I’m never giving anyone a link to it because it’s horrible, but I did it. I even did a couple Periscopes. Totally counts.

19. Start a podcast. I thought I wanted to do this. I love interviewing people. LOVE it. And I love recording what I’m meditating on with my digital recorder. But I don’t know if I want to host a podcast. I think I would love to be ON a podcast, but running one isn’t something I want to pursue anymore.

20. Improve my business cards. I did this, and I really like the new business cards. They are clean, simple, and show more of the heart of my business on them than the old cards with Altered on them.

21. Create a professional vendor table setup for events. I still play around with different elements of the setup depending on the event and what new products I have, but I have the core style down.

22. Run a 5k (actually run the whole time). Nope. Maybe I will at some point, but I haven’t.

23. Find my fit/workout passion. Sorta. More on this later.

24. Drastically cut carbs. No. And to be honest, I haven’t wanted to. But I have found myself eating less of them naturally. When I try to force myself to eat healthy, I eat all the carbs. So maybe it’s best to listen to my body here instead of forcing it.

25. Get a facial. No. You will notice it’s “no”  or “sorta” for every other self-care thing on this list. Because, apparently, I’m always the last priority on my list of things to attend to. *I think I said something significant there*

26. Get a professional massage. No. I need one. But no.

27. Write a business  plan. Nope. Again, I need one. But no. Because I’ve wrestled with thinking of writing books as a business since day one and only got comfortable with the idea this year.

28. Start paying student loans consistently. *Cries* No. *Cries all the tears*

29. Contribute an article to a widely read magazine. Nope. I haven’t written an article or submitted it anywhere. Zero effort has gone into making this happen.

30. Develop my fashion sense/individual style. No, but I have been trying different things with my hair and putting more effort into other aspects of my personal style. It’s a slow process.