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Sad Panda is sad.

It’s that time of the year where proposal season has its last big hurrah before it moves over and wedding season begins, friends. Anyone who knows me knows I love LOVE, and this year, despite my own epic fail in love, is absolutely no different. If you’ve read my book Altered before the Altar: Allowing God to Make You “Meet” to be Met, you know my motto is “Throw Rice, Not Shade.” I have no issues being happy for your engagements, weddings, new babies, or Valentine’s Day mush fest posts. What can I say? I’m a giver.

Speaking of giving, there’s something super awesome I want to give all my fellow singles in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. I’m a celebrator at heart, and being single has NEVER stopped me from participating (seriously, I’ve given myself the best gifts for Valentine’s Day a girl could ask for–candy, flowers, mixtapes, teddy bears, dinner and a movie, you name it). So I’ve decided to spread a little love in the lead up to the day many singles dread by sharing some love themed tales, interviews and op-eds filled with tips, tricks, and torpedoes for your day of love arsenal.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you already know I have some interesting tales for V-Day, like the time I went out on Valentine’s Day with 10 guys, my career as Cyrano de Bergerac,  or the time a guy told me he loved me and I said “what?” But you don’t know about the time my friend dated a guy with the nickname Chester the Molester (actually, I have two friends who dated two different guys with this unfortunate moniker), the first time I was serenaded by a guy, or what buses, bandannas, and Hershey’s Cookie and Cream bars have to do with my love life. I’ll bring on friends to share their funniest escapades, count down our all time favorite romantic comedies and love songs, even host a singles’ dinner and a movie mixer.

If all that doesn’t get you excited about the month of love, maybe this will: I’m running a special in my shop on Altered before the Altar and the study guide. Enter promo code LOVE at checkout, and get $5.00 off plus some fun free gifts with purchase until Friday, February 17. I’m also going to do a couple giveaways for a chance to chase your blues away with fun prizes. There may even be a free sneak peek into my next romance related release for those who participate.

Here’s to a whole month of love and happiness for all of us, friends!