I’m not a Valentine’s Day hater. I take seriously any reason to celebrate myself or anyone else. I love birthdays and holidays. I enjoy seeing people spread love any day of the year.

Does it bother me that candy companies (or greeting card companies or diamond dealers) more than likely manufactured this holiday to drum up business for themselves? Nope. Personally, I think that’s good business. Ingenious marketing. Go you, whoever you are. You came up with a whole holiday AND made major coins. Greeting card companies, candy manufacturers, florists, and diamond dealers across the world thank you. Women who FINALLY get shown love in their actual love language thank you. Your country thanks you.

Seriously, though, I love this season. I thought I would really hate it this year, though. I mean, I’m Single Selena this year. “I Could Fall in Love”; I could be “Dreaming of You” tonight, if there was a You. I thought I’d get in my car, drive off somewhere to lick a wound or two. Pretend this day totally wasn’t happening. I planned all these things to take my mind of it and then…nothing. I’m just as excited about today as I was last year (I didn’t get a gift then, either). I’m just as excite as I was that time I spent Valentine’s Day at a ladies day in Georgia, or the time I bought myself a Little Caesar’s pizza, a teddy bear and a blank cassette tape to make a valentine’s day mix tape (yes, tape, not CD). Or that time I had ten “dates.” It doesn’t matter to me whether I’m with the one I love or not, or if I even have a romantic love interest. I always manage to enjoy the day.

This year, I’m not getting in my car and going somewhere where Valentine’s Day doesn’t exist. I’m not hiding under the covers with Hagen Daas and heartbreak (but Hagen Daas in bed sounds great any day. I don’t care what you say. I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care). This year, I am BYOV–bringing my own valentine. I am tending to my loves today. I’m reading God’s word, writing my own words, watching rom coms, eating a favorite meal, and working on book club stuff. I’m praying for all my people and loving on family near and far.

I’m bringing the love with me everywhere I go today. I’m sending it out. I can’t keep it to myself. I can’t give it to just one person. I’m sharing it with everyone. I don’t want to be my own Valentine; that’s BORING. And trite. And downright sad. But I might buy mysel a teddy bear that’s bigger than I am, ’cause I want one.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans? Do they involve real pants or a fancy dress? How are you going to live and love today? Leave your two cents below.