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I have a cover and a release date for Break Right: Finding Wholeness in Heartbreak, and a Good God in a Bad Breakup! This book has been, as Gretchen Saffles of Well Watered Women says, “soul scrubbing.” It is packed with truth and wisdom from in the breakup trenches, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone on March 13, 2018 (prayers solicited and appreciated!)

You can read the full description and pre-order your copy of Break Right here, on my website.

The journey from idea to publication for this book has been a non-stop rollercoaster ride, and I am here for it! It’s taken me a little under nine months to get this book written, organized, and formatted, find and engage a graphic designer to do the cover, and make all things ready for the release. This is my faster book from inception to completion ever. It’s also my most personal book, and the process of bringing it to life has truly been a journey worth taking.

When I first had the idea to write a book about breakups, and mine in particular, I wasn’t sure how to do it well. I didn’t want to bash my ex or garner sympathy for myself. I wanted to show that a break up involves breaking, yes, but if you focus on your faith and seek truth during this season, you will be stronger and more whole because of the experience.

Balancing being truthful about my experience and sharing biblical truth wasn’t hard, but deciding what to share was. I had to question why I wanted the reader to know certain things about me or my relationship. Would this truly help the reader receive some truth, or would it make me feel better or satisfy my craving to be known and supported?

The second hardest thing was to frame some of the truths I’ve come to realize about how we process breakup that block us from true healing and keep us repeating the same patterns in future relationships. I tried as much as possible to dig deep and share how these truths applied to me instead of hitting women over the head with the fact they probably did it to. Learning to be sensitive with others, and myself, was a major growth experience.

Now that the journey to publishing this book is almost over, I can’t help but be proud of this book. I know there are many women hurting from breakups who can benefit from the shift in perspective this book provides. I truly believe something wonderful has happened within the pages of this book. Even women who think they are over a past breakup can discover some areas of brokenness they didn’t realize were there and get healing for them (I know I did–several times).

A word about the cover. I shared the cover with an indie author group I’m a part of and a few people suggested the cover should have things like a carton of ice cream or wads of tissue on the front to show that it’s a book about breakups. I’ll share the full story behind the cover later, but I wanted to say this isn’t a typical breakup book. I specifically did not put those things on the cover. I also didn’t put a broken heart on the cover, but a whole one. I purposely avoided saying anything like “breakups suck,” “it’s his loss” or “I’m so sorry” in the description. I’m trying to change the narrative around breakups and shift perspectives back to Christ, not play into what we’re supposed to believe or do in the wake of a breakup based on popular culture.

If you’re interested in Break Right, I encourage you to pre-order. It’s $9.99 on pre-order, and free shipping with the code BREAK FREE. You also get some cool pre-order goodies. After pre-orders, the price goes up to $14.99 plus shipping and the goodies don’t come free any longer.

There are so many other things I want to share and write about, but they’ll have to wait until another post. I just wanted to share my excitement with you about my upcoming release and check in with y’all. How y’all doing? What’s new and exciting in your life? Have a question about the book? Leave your two cents in the comments section.