Twice Told Tales

If you are new to my blog, this is a great place to start! These are some of the best posts on this blog. Some are funny, some are serious, some are random–but they are all favorites. Please feel free to add your suggestions here for favorite posts, and keep checking back for what will be added next!



My First WordPress Post!

On This Day Four Years Ago…

Proud Virgin

We Used to Be More Than Facebook Friends

Do You Really Have a Partner?

Ala Carte Lives

Tim Tebow is my Next Best Bet

We Are Not Post-Racism

Year in Review: 2009

Word of the Year & Goals

A Valentine’s Day Carol, The Introduction, Part I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII,  IX & X

Monday Meditation

Wednesday Wisdoms

Writing Inspiration

Quarter Century Mark

Mr. True Love

Don’t Grow Up!

Contemplating Marriage:

Readiness, More Readiness, Checkpoint,  Money, Stepping Out on the Love Branch, Cheating, Pre-Nuptial Agreements

The Relationship Files

A little about my relationship. I have been dating a great man, known to the blog world as Mr. Perfect, since December of 2007. Mr. Perfect is not called Mr. Perfect because he is perfect. I actually stole Mr. P (the name) from Taylor from Wake Up with Taylor on Cosmo radio. I call him Mr. Perfect because he’s perfect for me, even with all his imperfections. We fit together. We always have something to talk about (which usually either generate these posts, or use these posts as a springboard). I haven’t been very successful at getting him to blog for me, but I’ve made an effort to accurately portray his commentary 😉

Read the Warning Label:


The Issues that plague us:

After the party is over:

Other folks’ issues:

The Naked & Not Ashamed Challenge

See the posts and exercises for my Naked Challenge! Wanna know more about the Naked & Not Ashamed Challenge? Start here. The rules can be found here.

  1. Naked in the morning, Personal Post
  2. Naked Nightmares, Personal Post
  3. Birthday Suit, Personal Post
  4. Bare Bottom, Personal Post
  5. In the Flesh
  6. Naked Power
  7. Naked Branches
  8. In the Raw
  9. Naked Heeler
  10. Naked Re-Collection
  11. Au Naturel Nurturing
  12. Naked for the day
  13. Naked Longing
  14. Naked Neglect
  15. Naked Communication
  16. Naked Daring
  17. Naked Numbers
  18. Naked Nympho
  19. Naked Eating
  20. Naked Calisthenics
  21. Naked in Heels
  22. Naked Faith
  23. Naked Judgment
  24. Bare Essentials
  25. Naked Hindsight
  26. Stark Naked
  27. But Naked
  28. In the Buff
  29. Unveiled
  30. Naked and Not Ashamed

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