What’s On Tonight?

“Girl, Can You Tell Me What’s On Tonight?–TV show Reviews”

This is where any TV show reviews I have will be posted. Upcoming posts include: Househusbands of Hollywood, Oprah’s Whitney Interview Parts I& II, Real Housewives of Atlanta, The T.O. Show, VMAs, Behind the Music Episodes, Bridezillas, and whatever else I see that I HAVE to talk about.

***ALSO: feel free to leave suggestions for shows, including TV on DVD. And no, I have not seen True Blood, Gossip Girl, the new Melrose Place, the new 90210, Mad Men, or most tween shows…but if you make them sound interesting enough, I just might watch.

What Chilli Wants

Whitney on Oprah Pt. 1

Afterglow: Whitney on Oprah Pt. 1

Behind the Music: Bobby Brown

Afterglow: Whintey on Oprah Pt. 2

Gimme That: Chris Brown/ Rihanna Interviews

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