Erica Around the Web

Can’t get enough of my rapier wit and opinionated musings? Look for more from me in the following places:

  • Harlequin Junkie–I recently began writing reviews for this site where bloggers review romance novels. I will be sure to link to my specific reviews as they post to the blog.
  • The Season for Getting Serious–my personal website dedicated to getting serious about my life as a Christian. Also, see posts from me as far back as 2003! Erica’s Almost Grown Adventures for the win!
  • What I Wanted to Say–My personal blog where I rant, rave, and get way too personal.
  • Copywrite1985— Where I write about writing, post book reviews, and muse about my misadventures in trying to get published.

Social Media

Twitter: @2blu2btru @SeasonSerious

Facebook: Personal Indigo Moods Blog The Season for Getting Serious

Instagram: Mz_Zeyzey2

Pinterest: MzSerious

Good Reads

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